Young Thug Tied to Lil Wayne’s Latest Scare

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up in Georgia and many suspected his rap foe Young Thug had something to do with it. Now TMZ confirms the shooter is indeed tied to Birdman’s new protegé.

TMZ writes:

Atlanta PD got an arrest warrant for the suspect, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, on May 21 … and he’s been charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon, and criminal gang activity.

We’re told by multiple sources in Atlanta that Winfrey has been Young Thug’s road manager — which is incredibly relevant since Thug’s been in a very public feud with Wayne for months.


    1. Young Thug doesn’t have enough talent (he actually has none) to compare to those two but I get your point.

  1. Nobody on this board is gonna be surprised by this. If Young Thug’s germy-looking a-s could wear Lil Wayne’s skin I feel he would.

  2. Young Thug has so much karma coming his way. I may not like Lil Wayne, but he is a father and his life shouldn’t be taken away over some stupid rap beef.

  3. But what does this say about Birdman I know he knew what Young Thug was up to he basically raised Wayne him and Wayne are like family smh. People going to learn not to fool with Birdman and Cash Money look how he did BG,Juve,Turk,and especially Mannie Fresh. This proves he has no loyalty to anyone dont care how mad I am at somebody I’m not allowing someone else to put a hit out on someone that is basically family smh.

  4. A got damn shame. Their beef ain’t even serious. He just jumped in because Birdman is his boo. Ghetto a-s love triangle.

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