Fantasia Barrino Takes Husband Back After Accusing Him of Cheating

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fantasia Barrino announced months ago that she had tied the knot to her lover of a few months, Kendall Taylor and her family was concerned they were moving too fast.

Then of course not too long after making things official, the R&B singer then announced to fans that she was dealing with two emotional blows simultaneously: the death of her grandmother, and discovering Kendall had allegedly been unfaithful.

Although Fantasia was attempting to move on without Kendall, it looks like she had a change of heart:

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  1. I’m not surprised she’s back with him at all. She came a long way but she still has a lot of work to do on herself.

  2. And when he cheats on her again I don’t want to see her crying about it on Instagram. When someone shows you who they are the first time believe them.

  3. She has to learn how to walk away from good d-ck and a cute face. Period. This has been her downfall multiple times.

  4. This won’t end well. And I say that because Fantasia is still very emotionally unstable and she didn’t even know this man long enough to marry him. I don’t get why she’s so naive when it comes to men.

  5. I don’t really care what Fantasia does anymore. The whole Antwaun thing just ruined her for me. She claims this man is better but he clearly isn’t. Just one mistake after the next.

  6. This man has a criminal record too, right? He just seems so sketchy to me. But like someone else said it really is her life. But he seems like an opportunist like the last one.

    1. I’m starting to think the same. Why has no major news outlet found a marriage certificate yet? And Fantasia has enough lose screws to do something like that.

  7. She is so cryptic and confusing when she was posting about this. She was talking about heartbreak, people not being who you thought they were and broken hearts, but I was never sure if she was talking about Kendall or not UB. And she never did stop wearing her wedding ring. I have to say following her on Instagram hasn’t been all that helpful either. Most of the time I have no idea what she’s even talking about. For all we know they never broke up and Fanny was just being her confusing self.

    1. Yeah I didn’t understand what she was saying either. I’m not so sure cheating was even the issue because let’s be frank…Fanny may have her GED now but she’s still not the best at expressing herself in writing. Her captions rarely make sense to me if they are longer than 3 words.

  8. This is why her music career is on the decline. As talented as she is, her personal life is very dysfunctional and distracts from her career. And didn’t her label scrap her album? Fanny needs to focus. She’s in trouble and she doesn’t even realize it.

  9. Why can’t she just be single for awhile? That would give her time to work on herself and her career. This Kendall person doesn’t seem to add to her life.

  10. She’s going to do what she wants to like she every right to do but I was never impressed by this man. He has a criminal record that includes domestic violence and not paying child support from 2012. If she thinks someone can change that much in 3 years, I have an island to sell her.

  11. Fantasia’s career is over. Outside of this fraud marriage, no one is checking for her anymore.

    1. The same thing can be said about Alicia Keys. The public isn’t forgiving to women who have been accused of home wrecking.

  12. Doesn’t she know that we teach people in life how to treat us? It’s only a matter of time before he cheats again. She needs to get off that hamster wheel!

  13. Man Fanny fell all the way off. I really thought she was going to blow up after American Idol. Such a disappointment.

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