Monica Takes Pride in Former ‘Trap Queen’ Life

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Monica has always taken pride in a music career that inspired a younger generation of R&B acts, but now she’s opening up about another part of her life she’s quite proud of.

Monica took to the stage in Memphis the other day for Irv Gotti’s “Birthday Bash 3,” and she let the audience know that she was about that life before there was a “Trap Queen.”

VLAD TV writes:

The gorgeous R&B songstress took the time to address the “real b******” in the audience. “See before there was a ‘trap queen’ I was trappin’ doing the real thing,” she shouted to her screaming fans. Watch her represent for the few real women left above in this exclusive clip.


  1. Monica is too got damn old to still think that hood sh-t is cute. She needs to sit her tired a-s down somewhere. It’s bad enough she was proudly f-cking Rocko’s dumb a-s but this right here is some sad sh-t.

  2. Monica has always wanted to be hood. I don’t understand it because she’s been making money since she was 14. It’s like she just wants to be near that lifestyle no matter what.

  3. Monica just being Monica. She’s a beautiful woman but she’s always been a hood chick. And it’s completely by choice.

  4. Monica has dated nothing but hood dudes. Even after the record deal she was living in the hood by choice with her man. She likes that lifestyle and she grew up around it too. I’m not saying its right, I’m just saying she’s not pretending.

  5. I really wish we would stop glorifying the drug dealing lifestyle. It’s nothing good about it. And for her to be a mother, she should know better. Is she going to also encourage her children to adopt her mentality? Does her husband think this is cute as well?

  6. This isn’t surprising because Monica loves that hood life and it got her nowhere c-murder jail, one guy killed himself, rocko kept cheating girl stop. She needs to let that go she is married with kids now where is the maturity. And Lauren London is headed down this same path she is a younger Monica loves hood guys and glamorizing hood life smh.

  7. *blank stare* It’s always odd to see clueless wannabes like Monica praise the hood life when people who are really from the hood like Kendrick want no parts of it and hate it. When people from the hood finally get out, they don’t walk around trying to glamorize it. Monica is dumb.

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