After Monica Clashes with Master P, Another Woman Comes Forward About C-Murder

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Master P and C-Murder are at odds.

Friends And Family Hustle” star Monica has been in the headlines the last several days. On social media, she announced her plans of helping C-Murder get out of prison. He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a teenager in 2002. He said he’s innocent. But he’s had a hard time getting justice. So he’s hoping Monica and Kim Kardashian can help his cause.

Interestingly enough, his comments didn’t sit well with Master P.

So Master P called out C-Murder for not thanking his family members for helping him out over the years. He also had some words for Monica.

Monica called out Master P.

On Instagram, he said that Monica just started back talking to C-Murder several months ago. So C-Murder calling her his “ride or die” was probably just “prison talk.” He also questions everything since Monica was married and appeared to move on with her life.

When Monica saw Master P’s post, she clapped back. And she told him he was being disrespectful. She also wanted him to know that she has receipts that back up that she’s been visiting C-Murder for years and she’s always been looking out for him.

Interestingly enough, another woman claims she’s been holding down C-Murder as well. And she wanted Monica and everyone else to know that she’s been so dedicated that she even relocated to stay in touch.

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