50 Cent Slams the BET Awards

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper and “Power” producer 50 Cent has been salty about the success of “Empire” ever since fans have compared it to the Starz hit, but he’s taking his dislike of the show to the next level by slamming the BET Awards for awarding Terrence Howard for Best Actor when Omari Hardwick didn’t get nominated.

HipHopDX writes:

“It’s a damn shame what happened to the BET Awards,” 50 Cent says in a video posted by Say Cheese TV. “FOX bought the whole goddamn show. How you gonna have a best actor award given to Terrence Howard and not even mention Omari Hardwick?”

Hardwick is the lead in 50’s program Power, which the rapper has championed over Empire.

As he continues to voice his opinion of the BET Awards, he also takes a shot at one of the event’s performers.

“Motherf*** BET,” he says. “The highlight of the whole g**d*** show was Puffy busting his a*s. F*** ’em. F*** ’em all.”


  1. I still don’t get why he keeps comparing Power and Empire. Both are very different and in their own lanes.

  2. He really needs to grow up. Empire is on a major network. It’s going to have more buzz than Power.

    1. I had to break down and buy some episodes because I refuse to go back to cable. I know I could find it for free online but I wanted to do the right thing. Anyway, it’s so good. I think it will get on Empire’s level of popularity eventually.

  3. Well he may be emotional but he ain’t lying. The bet awards were wack….highlight was smoky imo….and Fox clearly had a huge presence. Hustle & Flow 2.0 (Empire) may have been the best breakout show but Terrance is not the best actor. Omari & Anthony Anderson weren’t even nominated which is ridiculous.

  4. I enjoy both shows. They are so different so I wish he wouldn’t pit them against each other. We need more TV shows with black leads anyway.

  5. 2 quarters always in his f-cking period! He should be doing this sh-t when the Emmys roll around. BET isn’t worth the aggravation.

  6. Anyone that has seen Power knows that what 50 Cent/Curtis Jackson is true. He isn’t made that Terrence won but more upset with the fact that Omari Hardwick didn’t even get recognized. This is more about principle than hating.

    Power is WAY BETTER……so dynamic. Just my opinion.

  7. 50 is sadly telling the truth Power is actually much or meaty than Empire and should of won an award

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