K Michelle Has Some Words for Black Blogs & the Black Community

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle stated recently that she plans to walk away from the music industry after she drops her upcoming studio album, and it’s all because she hates being famous and she’s not a fan of all the negativity she receives on social media.

However, the R&B singer vented a bit last night in more detail about why she knows she can’t continue to be in the spotlight for long.

She tweets:

“Why are African Americans so angry & hateful towards each other? How can we possibly build a stronger culture when all we do is fight each other? We would much rather see each other down then even come close to being supportive when one of us is up. We’ll always b considered the lesser if we dont get it 2gether. I spent years on TV fighting other black women, because no1 believed my abuse …Even though I was fighting 2b heard,it looked bad 4my culture & bad on me as a woman. People picked up perceptions of me based on my hurt. For 2years Black women beat me up. Called me crazy & a liar,and now all of a sudden everybody believes me and I’m supposed 2b healed from that..The same people I told my story 2, so that they could learn from my mistakes, are the VERY people who STILL attack me everyday! Disgusting..

“Sorry Im not over it. Im not healed. Imagine walking around fearing ur life. This is the 1st time Ive felt safe In 5yrs because he’s in jail..Yep, I’m anger [sic] as sh*t at the way my own people treat me, and how black media has done everything in their power to destroy me 4 no reason..And f*cking stop telling me what I have 2do and sing because I’m black. And f*cking stop worrying about the size of my *ss! Worry bout YOU..Im going to do what I wanna do! PERIOD! I don’t speak on sh*t much, but when I do it’s TRUTH! Had 2speak from the heart 2tonight?? And Black media stop posting me on these blogs,stop asking 4interviews unless its something positive, something 2move the culture forward! I don’t wanna be famous, I dont need the attention. I’m here 2sing and leave some kind of impact on this world. That’s my calling????Peace and love to all those who need it and are focused on being great. You inspire! You can overcome ANYTHING. I did????”


K’s upcoming album is rumored to be dropping next February.


  1. K brings all the negative press she gets on herself. Yes, people DO come for her first and she has a right to respond, but when you respond every single time, what narrative do you expect people to have about you? There’s a reason why Beyonce never really responds to anything and Rihanna doesn’t clap back on Twitter as much. Social media can ruin anyone’s career.

  2. Negativity isn’t a black people problem, it a human being problem. White celebs get dragged too all the time. Fame isn’t going to be all roses. I like her but she needs thicker skin. She’s too dramatic half the time.

  3. I agree with her. Fame isn’t for everybody and she’s really not cut out for it. I wish her the best.

  4. She’s doing too much. A lot of people were on her side with the Memphitz situation, so why is she focusing on who wasn’t? K seems like the half empty kind of person. Instead of focusing on the good, she would rather talk about the bad constantly. Just stop.

  5. She should stop using blanket statements not all “African Americans” are angry & hateful….

    And I love how she tried to make an excuse for her ridiculous behavior. Ur a grown up. GROW THE EFF UP!!

  6. She will regret walking away so soon in a few years. You can’t be in the public eye and not have haters. Money and success is what makes it worth it.

  7. I don’t think she should give up her dream because of what people are saying in her mentions. But it’s her life.

  8. Black people are the only ones checking for K. Michelle. So she shouldn’t be so quick to go there.

  9. She just said the other night at the BET awards that she was giving up music and moving to England. Now she’s trying to be a lady for Idris. I don’t think its going to work, but that’s just my opinion. I still don’t see what he sees in her.

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