Demetria McKinney Says She & Claudia Jordan Didn’t Need RHOA

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Demetria McKinney didn’t last very long on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and rumor has it Claudia Jordan may not be a peach holder next season.

However, Demetria feels that neither she nor Claudia needed RHOA to begin with.

She tells Cocoa Fab:

“Claudia and I still hang real close. She and I got our SAG cards before anybody else was on reality TV. That’s why we didn’t have to do so much. It didn’t start there and it doesn’t end there. When it comes to people paying attention to something positive, that can be scary and I don’t fault them for it but I’m thrilled that neither Claudia nor myself went the extra mile to change who we are and what we want to represent ourselves as.

“The model that they go with is drama. Drama sells. The more salacious the better. I’m not saying there didn’t have to be any drama, that’s why you got the Nene’s, the Porsha’s, the Phaedras…that’s why you got them. They’re there for that. They stretch and get ready for marathons of that crap.”


  1. Sour grapes. You can tell Demetria is still mad she was fired before the reunion. That’s how useless she was. And Claudia pretends she’s so successful but hasn’t managed to keep a job yet.

  2. Demetria was the one who said she did RHOA to promote her music. So yes, she needed RHOA and she didn’t get a record deal until she did it.

  3. Bhahahaha!!! Funny she can say this now that RHOA doesn’t want them. Claudia was fired for no storyline and hell Demetria was basically like a filler person just sitting around looking dumbfounded you could’ve blinked and missed her entire contribution to the season. She can’t be serious the delusion is so real lol.

  4. Ummmmm Imma need Demetria to just talk about her damn self….truth be told she didn’t need it and I think she was tryna use it as a platform to further her career….but she’s not a K Michelle so it didn’t work for her

    As for Claudia….if she is so great at all of what she does how come she managed to get fired from 2 jobs back to back..,.and she must’ve knew within herself how wack she was because she didn’t bother to really fix herself up on the show….that was smart to save her coins she knew her day was soon coming

  5. Poor thing sounds salty! And notice how she threw Nene, Porsha and Phaedra into the mix when the head sh-t stirrers were Claudia and Cynthia. Girl, go back to playing that crackhead for Tyler and hope that more people than you and Claudia listen to your pitiful music.

  6. Whatever she needs to say to feel better about the fact that she had the shortest RHOA career. She couldn’t even get an invite to the reunion. Embarrassing!

  7. She’s telling the truth. Y does people get so aggravated when people keep it real. I mean. She clearly was not like the others… Although she was absent most the season … That’s probably because she was drama free. Smh. She jus didn’t fit in with the rhoa theme. Idk about salty but.. She is telling the truth bottom line.

  8. Well if she’s going to tell the “truth” she needs to tell it in its entirety. NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha, Kenay, Kandi, Cynthia AND Claudia were all down for the drama. And I’m sure Demetria would have been more than willing to join in on the marathon had she secured a peach (like her homie Claudia). She is, indeed, salty and still being messy.

  9. Please….She needed RHOA to make Roger Bob publicly claim her? She was super boring and just blah. I would’ve rather watched Kandi’s dog Georgia run in a circle then watch Demetria. PS…her music still isn’t getting air play on my local radio.

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