50 Cent Says Major Character will Die on ‘Power’ Season 2 Finale

Photo Credit: STARZ
Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Brace yourselves, “Power” fans…Executive Producer 50 Cent claims a major character will die on the season two finale.

50 Cent sat down and opened up about the successful STARZ show with St. Louis radio station Hot 104 when he dropped the bomb.

Urban Daily writes:

50 cent hit up St. Louis’ own Hot 104 to drop some knowledge on the goings on in his new film, Southpaw and everyone’s Saturday night Starz addiction, Power. Of course he was asked if La La Anthony’s nude scene in Power was his idea. He jokingly responded that he had nothing to do with it, and that he’s still cool with her husband, Carmelo Anthony, even though the two haven’t spoken about it.

50 also let go of some good behind-the-scenes info on the hit show, revealing that one of the characters will die on the season finale but he wouldn’t spill the beans on who will be taken out.

What are your guesses?


    1. I have been feeling like he is going to be offed soon all season. And I’m mad because he’s so lovable. Ghost is the one I can no longer stand.

    2. Yeah I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and usually when they get ready to kill someone, they make the character weak and very lovable. Tommy is addicted to drugs now and he’s not really his gangsta self anymore. I can see him being the one killed. I hope he’s not though. Him and Tasha are my faves.

      1. Walking Dead is my ishh….I was heartbroken when they killed off Tyrese and then Beth like that shyt shocked me…I never watched Power…I started watching Empire after the season was over anyway Imma have to watch Power now..I’m like Brandy “I Wanna Be Down” lol

    1. Ghost is more annoying and unlikable in my opinion. The way he’s treating Tasha is pissing me off. He wants to take his kids away from her and let some tramp from high school raise them. He’s a terrible person.

  1. Y’all really think Tommy getting murked? I just don’t see it. Too soon. He’ll die towards the end of the series. He’s too vital to the show. Julio is my guess with his fine a-s.

  2. I can’t even call it really. The way they switch stuff up on you makes it hard to see what’s coming sometimes. I will say I don’t want it to be Tommy, Julio or Tasha. I’m not really emotionally invested in anyone else.

  3. It would make more sense for Holly to die. She doesn’t serve much of a purpose now that Tommy chose Ghost over her. She’ll get shot or something, and he’ll get all emotional. Then he will come back season 3 and be a real monster. We only saw a glimpse of him being grizzly in season one. Now we will get the full thug version in season 3 now that Holly was killed.

  4. Y’all got me in my feelings saying it’s Tommy. He ain’t the finest thing but he’s my husband!!!!!

  5. Its definitely Shawn. I can’t see Ghost or Tommy being killed right now. The shown wouldn’t make any since.

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