Azealia Banks Turns on K Michelle

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and Azealia Banks shocked many when they confirmed they would be touring together in the upcoming months (Azealia was joining K’s tour), however, K recently told her followers she had to cancel the tour because she’s feeling overworked and needs some rest.

Although K wanted to make it clear to the media that she has nothing but love for Azealia and hopes to tour with her in the future, Azealia recently threw some shade the R&B singer’s way on Twitter.

When one of K’s fans told Azealia that K hopes to have the rapper on her last studio album, Azealia just couldn’t help herself (screenshots obtained by Talk Your Ish Blog):

azealia twitterazealia twitter 2


  1. i love how K kept things respectful…. But I hope they let her off her leash to get AB TOGETHER! Let her have it….

  2. This isn’t surprising. If this ain’t proof that Azealia and Kmichelle would have eventually got into it on that tour I don’t know what is. Azealia needs to stop because somebody going to beat the breaks off of her a-s one day. That tour being cancelled probably saved her an a-s kicking.

  3. I bet Azealia can’t even throw hands. She always has some smart ish to say but I don’t buy that she’s as tough as she claims.

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