Wendy Williams Pushes for A-list Guests on Talk Show

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Talk show queen Wendy Williams is breaking records with ratings, but the former radio heavyweight has struggled with securing A-list guests because she’s said some pretty terrible things about celebrities in the past.

Wendy is so concerned about securing top notch celebrities that she’s now hired someone to help her out.

NY Daily News writes:

During the summer hiatus, Wendy hired top booker Siobhan Schanda, the former supervising talent producer at “Chelsea Lately,” an authority on A-list managers and publicists, to be her guest booker. “She’s a booking machine,” says our source, “and Wendy has the ratings.”


  1. It’s not going to happen no matter who she hires. Wendy needs to understand that when you bash people all the time, don’t expect them to do you a favor and appear on your show. They won’t. That’s why people like to go to Angie Martinez. She’s never disrespectful and she makes them feel comfortable.

  2. She better be happy with the C and D list people she gets with all the sh-t talking she does. Why go on her show anyway when she’s just going to turn around and bash you like she just did Ciara?

  3. LOL. She can only wish. Most of the A listers hate her because she said something out of line about their personal life. She’s called Rihanna a thot, makes fun of Beyonce’s speaking, said Janet Jackson needs to sit down and she just said Ciara uses her own baby for publicity just last week. Wendy will never get any A listers on her show, not even the B listers. D and Z is all she will ever know.

  4. Why would any A-list celeb want to go on Wendy’s tacky show a woman looking man who talks sh-ts for a living. Black celebs in particular black female celebs wont’t go because she talks the most sh-t about them she has called damn near all of them ho’s. At the end of the day Wendy has a d-list trashy show no real big star black or white will come on she needs to get over it.

  5. Wendy is the one who hurt her chances of getting real celebrities on her show. Had she learned to be professional and classy when she was on the radio, she wouldn’t have a watered down talk show today. When 99% of your show is your opinions on trashy tabloids, you have to take what you can get. Wendy will NEVER be Oprah.

  6. I like that she will ask the tough questions, but she has to be more respectful. I think she gets that now because she’s calming down some. People have to like you to grant you an interview.

  7. Lmao…..will she be paying these same A-listers to appear on her show???I mean cuz they sell themselves out on a regular….so if she ain’t paying them to come on being that she’s talked so much basura bout folks I don’t think they will come w/o being compensated hahahahahahahah

  8. It was so easy for her to bash people behind the scenes of her radio show and now she expects everyone to just forget what she did. I cannot believe she has a tv show. If you have ever listened to the so called interview she did with Whitney Houston you can hear her smiling through it. NOthing was off limits to her and Whitney had already done the “Crack is Whack” interview, yet she still was kicking her. I lost all respect for Wendy after I listened to that exchange with Whitney. She went after every aspect of her life without any regard for her family. I hope her show gets cancelled and I do my part by not watching it.

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