Kris Jenner Already Sticking Her Claws into James Harden?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe Kardashian and James Harden haven’t been dating for long, but Khloe’s numerous social media antics show things are going very well.

And in true Kardashian fashion, when things get serious, the men in their lives don’t mind seeking Kris Jenner for business counseling and possibly management.

It looks as if James could already be including Kris in his latest business dealings.

Terez Owens writes:

Adidas has made a big play for the biggest basketball sneaker free agent of the summer of 2015. The company has submitted a bid of $200 million over 13 years to sign Houston Rockets guard James Harden, sources told We’re hearing that behind the scenes, Harden actually is receiving advice from his girlfriend’s mother, the mother of all mothers, Kris Jenner.


  1. He will learn like they all do eventually. Kris Jenner isn’t some business genius either. She’s gotten her attention whoring family where they are today by paying off the big media outlets. That’s not talent or skill.

  2. Kris would cream her panties if she could get James on her roster. He wouldn’t do that though, well at least I hope he wouldn’t. Kanye almost signed the dotted line but changed his mind. It would have been career suicide and he knows it.

  3. Oh goodness. You can just see that whole family is scrambling to stay relevant. Kim got naked again for the gram and Kylie’s already getting boring. The only hustle they have left is to go back to attaching themselves to people who have real talent.

    1. Kim has nothing else to offer the world except her hideous naked body. She would lose her mind if Photoshop was ever banned from use.

    2. Idk because Kylie is getting way more attention than Kim now. Caitlyn is next and then Kendall. They are more interesting than Kim and her tired a-s. She only posed naked because she’s salty Kylie/Cait/Kendall have taken over.

  4. He is so stupid I still don’t understand why men want to mess with the Kardashians everybody knows what they about and you still chose to mess with them. The only reason why Khloe wants to date Harden is because he is a mvp runner up and a big star in the nba now and she wants to attach herself somebody in the spotlight and his dumba-s letting her use him.

  5. Lmao I think dudes fck wit them cuz they are easy white girls….oh and they have money from tricking that is all. These Black guys only think wit they lil heads when it comes to non-black bishe. Only reason why these tired a$$ hoes aren’t going after white dudes is cuz white dudes DON’T WANT THEM

  6. I just think James is thirsty. Being with Khloe will bring him the attention he could never get otherwise. Other people get attention because they win championships and play well in the playoffs but he has to date Khloe to get talked about since he can’t produce on the court.

  7. Another one bites the dust soon here we shall see. It’s crazy to see that almost every man that comes across the Kardashians finds trouble. Lamar Odom lost his career and will be publicly shamed probably forever. It’s almost as if they don’t care. These athletes and rappers want to be associated with these guys no matter the cost. Pathetic but everything is money and fame to these guys.

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