Khloe Kardashian Cuts off James Harden?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With Lamar Odom now seeking to recover from his medical scare at a Los Angeles hospital, it appears the Kardashians are hoping to cash out on the situation as much as possible.

And nothing would be better for their reality show than a reconciliation between Lamar and Khloe.

Too bad Khloe has to kick Houston Rockets star James Harden out the picture first.

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    1. A reality show nobody even watches anymore. They barely get over a million an episode now. Mona’s shows pull more eyeballs than KUWTK now.

      1. because Mona shows let black women act like wild animals, while the Kardashians is all about business You don’t see the Kardashians fighting each other

  1. Lamar is such a color struck idiot. Now just a week ago he was mad she was painting him like a stalker and now it’s all good because her attention whorish a-s showed up to the hospital like she didn’t help him get there in the first place by using his dead friends for a storyline? Are these chicks witches because it’s not adding up!

  2. James Harden is dumb as f-ck. Khlogre just played his a-s. Now the media is making it seem like he was more into her than she was into him. And he’s not helping himself with those pictures he put up on IG. Simp sh-t.

  3. Wow I am so tired of these bishes……she just tryna have a story for that show no1 watches…..Lamar is dumb for allowing that fckd up non-caring fam access to his hospital room

  4. This is so transparent. I feel bad for Lamar’s real family and his kids. He just won’t cut these people off.

  5. They really want us to believe Khloe is out here choosing. Truth be told it’s laughable the best she can do is French Montana, Lamar and James Harden. For that family to be everywhere, they sure can’t get decent men.

  6. More like he got the hell on before Lamar went to the hospital. James has been spotted with randoms out in public for the last two weeks.

  7. From a PR perspective, it’s possible Khloe and Harden were just a PR relationship. Note that they didn’t start “dating” until he was negotiating that contract with Adidas. The next thing you know he’s in the blogs everyday and he gets a fat contract with Adidas. He was barely spotted with Khloe after that.

  8. Grooming James would have been too much work anyway. Business wise it’s best for her to go back to Lamar. Watch them remarry too.

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