Monica Explains Controversial ‘Trap Queen’ Comments

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago R&B singer Monica caught some backlash because she called herself the original trap queen while she was on stage for Irv Gotti’s Birthday Bash.

While some of her fans felt the comments were just evidence of her being real, some criticized her because they felt she was glorifying the trap queen lifestyle.

Just to refresh your memory, here’s the video below:

Monica clears up the comments below and says she was taken out of context. She tells DJ Smallz:

“What I meant by that was terribly misinterpreted by some people but I think that’s the way of the world. I am no longer looking to please other people every time I speak. There was certain group of people that knew and understood what I meant. And it wasn’t a glorification of anything I’ve done in my past.

“What I was saying is I’ve been there. People like Gotti…people like Jeezy, they just don’t know me from the music industry. They know that I get out here and fight in the same communities that are basically buying their CDs. You can make it from anything if you believe.

“I was saying that before all of this stuff became the popular thing to speak of, I was a little girl at Clive Davis’ office being told you can’t look like that. You can’t do that. You can’t say that. You can’t wear that. What are diamonds in teeth? What does this tattoo represent? Can we cover it? Can we change it…What I was trying to say was you can go from here and end up there.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I’m not surprised she’s trying to change it up now. I like Monica but she has always glorified the street life. It’s one thing I never liked about her. That lifestyle is responsible for killing innocent black kids and has so many people in jail. And to call that lifestyle “real” is disgusting.

  2. I like Monica but she is lying this ain’t nothing but damage control Monica always been hood and loved hood dudes. Before she got with Shannon she stayed with guys like Rocko,C-murder and tried to talk to Young Buck plus Monica loves the hood lifestyle thats why she said what she said.

    1. I just read some sh-t about her on IG last night with C-Murder I think, about her corresponding with him even when she was married. Letters sent to her mother’s house and stuff…. Made me look at Monica in a totally different light. Still love her music but she got tendencies that just don’t look good.

  3. She thinks people are stupid. She made a whole speech about being a real b-tch and trapping before it was popular but she wants to pretend it was some motivational sh-t. Good day ma’am.

  4. Glorification is exactly what it was. She just didn’t think people would call her out for it. The only people who thought that was ok were people who also think being hood is cute. Well I’m glad a lot of us are waking up. We need to stop talking like the hood life is great. It’s not. Most people from the hood don’t even want to be there.

  5. Who the fck wanna be hood and live in the hood and just talk to hood dudes???? If evey1 had a choice to choose a better lifestyle hey would…this bird smh….she hasn’t changed or grown she just realized that fckin wit hood dudes will leave u raising ur kids as a single parent cuz the hood dude is gonna either get locked up or killed if he isn’t out there making another family wit other bishes

  6. Some of us are old enough to remember when she was out here running around trying to be a hood b-tch. She witnessShe thought that sh-t was cute too and it’s why she never really blew up in comparison to brandy. So yes, she was glorifying that hood sh-t in that clip. Don’t backtrack now Mo. Remember, you’re supposed to be a real b-tch.

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