Peter Thomas Responds to Recent Bar One Rumors

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently it was reported RHOA star Peter Thomas had more Bar One drama and the business was once again slapped with an Eviction Notice.

However, Peter is now claiming the eviction notice was actually for another one of his businesses.

Straight From The A writes:

A few days ago, I did a post about Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who was recently served an eviction notice tacked to a vacant location he rents on Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue.

While I assumed the notice was for Bar One, both Thomas and someone from Bar One’s staff reached out to me to clarify that it was NOT Bar One that received the eviction notice… it was, however, the ‘Peter’s Brew’ building across the street.

[Apples… Oranges… still fruit right? *shrug*]


Peter also claims that the new Bar One location is set to open this fall, just in time for season eight filming.


  1. He is slow and so is Cynthia. Obviously having a successful business isnt his strong point. How many businesses has to flop and how much more money does he have to waste in order to get that thru his bumbaclot head smh….he needs to take a Business 101 class or higher someone who knows about that type of thing to help….or just find a new hustle

  2. What difference does it make if it’s Bar One or some other struggle business he owns? The fact is he stays getting evicted and not paying bills.

  3. N-gga thinks he’s Bill Gates and sh-t but has no clue how to run a business. Cynthia is going to let this man spend up all the little money she has. Being a fool for love is expensive.

  4. This is so hilarious. He’s up here being cocky because the blogger said it was bar one and it was really another business he has that didn’t even last for a full season. Come on son.

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