LaLa Anthony Responds to Cheating Allegations? (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The last time LaLa Anothony’s name was tied up in tabloid drama, it was when multiple sources claimed her marriage to Carmelo Anthony was on the rocks.

The rumor ended up being true but LaLa later told the media they worked out their issues.

Unfortunately for LaLa, she’s now caught up in another rumor and this time a woman on Instagram is claiming she broke up her relationship.

Black Sports Online writes:

lala drama

lala drama 2

People on Patrice’s instagram are saying that the boyfriend she if referring to is rapper, Maino. This woman seems to have proof that Lala was cheating on Melo. There are a lot of people that will troll celebrities to get their 15 minutes of fame.


Even today, the young woman isn’t backing down:

lala drama 3

LaLa hasn’t directly responded to the allegations but she did post this:

lala ig

UPDATE: LaLa also posted this video:

All eyes on us ❤️

A video posted by LaLa (@lala) on


    1. That’s why I’m not shooting this down just yet. Kim is a big time hoe and cheated on all her husbands except Kanye (and she probably will once he falls off). You are who you hang around.

  1. Maybe it’s just me but if someone accused me of doing something serious like cheating on my husband, I wouldn’t pull the I got haters card as my defense. She needs to be clear and concise here. Either she’s cheating or she’s not.

    1. Agreed. Now people are all over Lala’s Ig account calling her a hoe. There’s no way I would sit back and not contact my lawyer if this person was lying on me like this.

  2. Sh-t it’s random as hell but it ain’t totally out the realm of possibilities for her to cheat. Who’s to say Carmelo hasn’t cheated multiple times and now she wants to have some action on the side too. It happens.

  3. LaLa doesn’t have to say anything because it’s really isn’t anybody’s business. If this chick got proof, why haven’t she produced the receipts?

  4. Lala ain’t gonna say sh-t because it’s true. Celebs out here suing people left and right for lying and she’s trying to post some weak subliminal sh-t. FOH.

  5. Usually Lala is pretty outspoken with rumors or with anything she addresses things pretty quickly so this kinda makes me side eye her a little bit. I still really don’t believe these rumors BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if it is some truth to it.

  6. Sometimes it’s best to not respond (even subliminally). Now I’m going to really consider this rumor is true. I didn’t before. But when someone blames something on haters, sometimes it’s because someone pulled their card and no lie was told.

  7. Anyone can lie about anything on Instagram but I’m starting to think this isn’t a lie. Usually when someone lies on you and it’s a really nasty lie, you get angry. I don’t sense any anger…

      1. Kardashian cl-t licker, I want your annoying a-s to pinpoint the exact time some rapper’s girlfriend accused Beyonce of sleeping with her man. That’s what the f-ck is going on here with Lala. I hate you Kardashians stans. Y’all really are pieces of sh-t. Yall bring up Beyonce more than her got damn stans do and don’t have an iota of reasoning skills. F-ck out of here.

        1. You Beyhivers do the absolute most. Easily one of the worst fan bases of all time after the Kardashians d-ck riders. The only reason y’all aren’t number one is because at least Beyonce has some kind of talent. You have to be the scum of the earth to defend a family of attention whores who have no legitimate form of talent.

          1. You’re doing the absolute most yourself by calling Kardashian fans scum of the earth. It’s really not that serious.

          2. Im Sayin maybe Anonymous was a bit too harsh but it is very sad and scary how so many black people stan for the Kardashians but they pick apart people like Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. I mean those white girls appropriate our culture and have shown racist tendencies, yet their fan base remains to be primarily black.

        2. My point I was making is that you don’t have to respond to every negative thing that is said about you. Beyonce has negavtivy thrown at her relationship all the time, but Jay or Bey don’t respond to it.

          P’s You stop calling me a,Kardashian stan because have never seen me defend them. I ask a question about Khole and you made assumption like you are doing now. Its nice to know a person who don’t know has your panties all in a bunch

      2. @Jessica I’m the original Anonymous

        I don’t even like Beyonce so why are you bringing her up? Is bringing up Beyonce supposed to prove your weak a-s point? Beyonce is not a normal celebrity. She rarely responds to anything hence people calling her a robot. Most celebs don’t operate that way, especially Lala. She responds and clears up everything. And not with no damn subliminals either. So get out of here with that bullsh-t. Not everyone on here likes Beyonce. Stop assuming such. Lastly, your point was dumb anyway because Jay is the one being accused so why the hell would Beyonce need to be the one to respond? You make no sense.

        1. I never said you like Beyonce,nor am I Kardashian stan.Maybe LaLa has come to a point in her career where she feels she doesn’t need to address these type of rumors. Why spend time addressing negativity when she is on her grind? Maybe Melo told her not to entertain the foolishness.You acting like you know for a fact she was cheating.

          1. She did respond though…so nah, the Beyonce comparison was pointless. I don’t care either way. I shared my opinion and that’s all I can do.

      3. When all else fails and people ain’t really rocking with your opinion, bring up Beyonce. LOL. Stay pressed.

  8. Who is LaLa’s publicist? Sometimes a subliminal response is good but sometimes they can hurt your image much more. She would be better off just letting her rep deny everything and stay quiet.

  9. All Lala had to do is tell Melo it wasn’t true and of course he will agree to do this lame video. It doesn’t really mean ole girl was lying. IJS.

  10. I really wish people would stop these stupid stan wars on here. If this isn’t a Beyonce or Rihanna post, don’t bring them up please. The topic is Lala. I wish people could get kicked off here for getting off topic and inciting drama with stans. It’s so stupid and immature.

    1. I agree. But I think someone already pointed out that the age gap on this site is weird. You have your youngins and more seasoned people like myself. I’m not into all that back and forth over celebrities.

  11. I’m just trying to figure out why a grown a-s married couple is taking the time to make videos… and who did they did they ask to record it??? dumb

  12. It’s ironic they are lip-syncing Nicki and Meek’s song when everyone knows they are a publicity stunt couple….

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