LAMH Highlights: Melody Addresses Martell’s Arrest + Carlos Has Some Words for Martell

LAMH Melody Shari Rodgers
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Melody Shari tells her brother Marcus why she had Martell arrested.

Much of the “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” focused on Martell’s arrest. The arrest stems from a warrant Melody obtained, and he was ultimately arrested for domestic violence in the 3rd degree: harassing communications.

In a scene during the season premiere, Melody is at her home with her brother and private security. She has private security in the home in response to Martell’s alleged actions, which Melody calls unhinged. She’s not sure what Martell will do.

As Marcus finishes cooking breakfast, they discuss what happened during the night of Martell’s arrest. Her phone was off then, and Marcus was worried, so he rushed from his home in Atlanta to Huntsville to check in on his sister.

Melody explains what happened. She tells him she made a tape with Martell when they were married. Martell sent her a screenshot of the video along with an alleged threat to put it out if she doesn’t “leave him alone.” In another scene, producers show a glimpse of the message Martell sent Melody but do not show the alleged picture.

Melody says that Martell planned to post the video on an unmarked social media account and claimed it featured Melody and another man.

In her greenscreen, Melody calls it a scheme that Martell was planning to support his narrative that she was cheating on him during their marriage. She never thought she would deal with an ex who behaved as Martell did when they married in 2008.

As previously reported, Karson Bleu, a former friend of Martell’s Paramour Arionne Curry, alleged Martell asked Argonne to leak the alleged video of him and Melody on an Instagram account, posing as a man. Karson says she told Arionne not to do what Martell asked. As a result, Melody and her legal team gathered evidence and obtained the warrant for Martell’s arrest this past August.

Melody reveals she wishes she never had kids with Martell.

Meanwhile, in the season premiere, Destiny returns to the show. She reveals that her ex-boyfriend Moses married her former producer, Sunni. Destiny calls Sunni disloyal for even dating Moses. However, Moses and Sunni get to speak about their piece on Carlos’ podcast live taping. Melody is a guest at the event.

Carlos surprises Melody and the crowd by bringing the newlyweds out on stage. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, but Carlos will interview them both next week.

But before they come out, Carlos interviews Melody, bringing up Martell’s allegations about producers on social media. As previously reported, Martell claimed on social media that LAMH producers suggested that Martell bring flowers to his scene with Melody during last season’s final episode.

Carlos tells the crowd that Martell lied. He is also furious that Martell has called the entire cast of actors. Carlos feels it is disrespectful for Martell to say those things, as it discredits the entire cast and Carlos’ producers.

And, of course, Carlos asked Melody about Martell’s arrest. Melody says that while it was a tough decision, Martell repeatedly crossed the line. It’s to the point that she’s been wishing she had her children with someone else.


  1. It’s not enough cleaning supplies for this season. It’s going to be like watching an epis ode of HOARDERS 🫣(ijs).

  2. Reading comments that still blame Melody or turn this into a “both sides” issue while she deals with actual abuse is so triggering. Especially when you were a victim of domestic abuse too and see how no one supports Melody at that network. Now they are trying to demonize her supporters. Urban Belle please reconsider posting comments like this on your website.

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