Nell Fletcher Thinks Melody Shari Was Wrong to File Charges Against Martell Holt

Nell Fletcher LAMH
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Nell Fletcher doesn’t support Melody Shari’s decision to press charges against Martell Holt.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” returns Saturday and most fans are aware of most of the drama that will play out in the upcoming episodes. Months ago, Martell Holt was arrested. Melody Shari filed charges due to him allegedly threatening to leak an explicit video. She alleged the tape was made while they were still married. A woman claimed she was building a friendship with Martell’s former mistress Arionne Curry. But she decided to back away because Arionne alleged that Martell told her to leak the video. Before Martell’s arrest, Melody told her followers she believed the woman’s version of events. And this is because Martell had previously threatened to leak the video in a past conversation.

To no surprise, Martell’s arrest will be discussed during the season premiere.

In a preview, Stormi Steele and Nell Fletcher discuss the incident. Stormi asks Nell what she thinks about everything.

Stormi says, “I think they said it was for a text message…I have no idea what that text message looks like.“

Nell answers, “Martell going to jail, I don’t agree with it.”

Stormi follows up with, “Why you don’t agree with it?”

Nell says, “Cause I don’t agree with sending someone to jail especially…”

Stormi completes Nell’s sentence, “…if it can be resolved.”

Nell goes on to say keeping Black men out of jail should be the priority, “I think us as an African American community, Black men going to jail…I just don’t agree with that. Y’all have kids.”

She said more during her green screen interview, “I feel like if something can be resolved you should not send your ex to jail. But it’s easy to say how you feel when it’s not you. But until you’re in those shoes you really can’t say what you’ll do and what you won’t do.”


  1. Nell…. I’m beginning to side eye u suh!!! 👀👀👀 But talking about putting black men in jail,but what about the things that black men do to put themselves in n jail….And on top of that suh …I am a Black Man!!! Come on now…we as a whole has to do better!!! And that goes for myself also!!

  2. I am so grateful I was raised by two incredible and smart parents who never taught me to ignore my own safety and well being to protect toxic boys and men. Misogynoir is so rampant in our community. People like Nell expect black girls and women to accept any and everything. They never hold these toxic males accountable. It’s Martell’s responsibility to keep himself out of jail. He had a criminal record long before he even met Melody. Nell needs to figure out why her own son can’t seem to stay out of jail. I’m sure her being male identified didn’t help him in his upbringing.

    1. Thank you Queen, nor did it stop her for running around with a married man.
      She said she didn’t know but she found out later, so what excuse did she use.
      I’m now thinking the stepdaughter might be right about Nell and the way she
      treat her. All the dumb arse women so men identified, they can’t see how dumb
      they’re looking and sounding. I didn’t see her taking up for Melody last season
      and I don’t see it happening this season. Nell wants to be liked, but you living
      and trying with everything in you to hang on to a teenage cheating HUSBAND
      MIC DROP.

  3. Melody is a hurt bitter woman. She want him to hurt and she is too bitter to realize he is hurting. He was wrong and she will not heal until she let it go.

    1. Girl hush! Yall really want black women to be punks and let black men be thugs to us because you’re too afraid to stand up for your own self! I’m so glad younger black women are shedding your idiotic thinking! A white woman would NEVER be expected to tolerate what you all want Melody to! Black women are not punching bags! Get help!

      1. It’s a waste of keystrokes baby. Older black folks like Raintree will never get it. Carlos and the executives at OWN have the same outdated mindset as Nell and Raintree. Lawsuits and bad ratings are the only ways things will change. Stop watching this mess.

        1. I’m part of the “0ld folks” and anyone that think it’s okay to let a man continue to abuse you, mentally and emotionally is crazy. Martell is SICK and should be locked up him and his bubble head mistress!

      2. “A white woman would NEVER be expected to tolerate what you all want Melody to! Black women are not punching bags! Get help!”


        1. Melody has kids with him and has been with him for years! She knew exactly who he was. Marvel’s wrong but stop Making Melody a victim 🙄.

          1. Sorry, I don’t speak pick me lady. You stay on posts blaming women for “picking wrong” but never drag the men for being degenerates. I’ll never take you seriously. I’m not making Melody a victim – she is a victim according to the federal court. Leave me alone. We should start ignoring you. You’re nothing but a woman hating antagonizer.

          2. NELL because your husband treats you like craps. Nor does he stand up for your he allows Martel to say anything about you, I guess your use to that since you’ve been a sidepiece

      3. Absolutely love your comment I’m definitely with you on this one, until you’re absolutely in those shoe’s you clearly don’t know what to do unless it’s you, if melody did these thing’s to his NARACCISTIC SMALL MINDED CLUELESS CLASSLESS TASTELESS SELF, HE’D COMPLETELY LOOSE IT, HE’S DEFINITELY ALWAYS WANTED ATTENTION NOW HE CLEARLY HAS IT, JUST CAN’T CONTROL IT, YOU GO MELLY MEL DO WTFE YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD AND FEEL LIKE DOING FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, 👏👏👏👏

        1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣That was well said. But you forgot insecure🤣🤣🤣🤣

          The bottom line is that Martell is never accountable.
          1. He cheated with Coleslaw for five years.
          2. She finally decides to have his baby.
          3. He tells Mel to just accept it as long as he does not bring any diseases home.
          4. Coleslaw is constantly on social media talking mess and wants to be on the show.
          5. Martell’s mom is an enabler because according to her, “he was a good husband”😡😡😡😡
          6. Mel was sick and tired.
          7. He moves on allegedly with Sheree but does not want his kids around Mel’s brother.
          7. Martell wants full custody of the kids because he claims Mel has too many babysitter but he actually just wants her to pay him child support.

          8. The way he told Mel to “shut up”
          Women like Nell will make excuses and want Black women to just accept whatever simply to stay married or be someone’s wife. This is not the case because no one deserves to be mistreated and abused. My question is what was Mel supposed to do? Just let Martell keep harassing her?

          Then he wanted Coleslaw to put the tape on social media therefore leaving his hands clean. Her silly but almost did and thankfully she did not. But she fails to see that he is not the prize. If he is doing all of this to Mel then what makes her think that he will treat her any differently?

    2. Martell is the bitter one, hence what was confirmed in the court documents. You’ve just been raised to only assign that adjective to women. Only in the black community can men literally break laws and be deplorable to women and children with no accountability. Other ethnicities understand males like Martell are problematic and dangerous. But older black people cannot seem to wrap their heads around that fact. How embarrassing.

    3. This comment is such bullsh-t. Reminds me of the time these three black boys violently bullied me in school. My parents wanted them disciplined and kicked out of the school. But the principal and assistant principals said it was nothing to worry about. Those violent little boys were just playing around and they just had a crush on me. My parents weren’t dumb enough to accept this stupid thinking and put me in a school where black children weren’t encouraged to be degenerates. When do you decide to do better? When do you realize it’s not on black girls and women to protect people like those boys and Martell? When black girls and women are killed? Little too late then.

    4. I hope some of you are just playing dumb because even the law doesn’t agree with this nonsense you typed. Martell literally tried to get his mistress to leak revenge p AFTER Melody left him. Not only is that a crime but it’s evil. So by definition, Martell is the bitter one, not Melody. I hope this helps!

  4. I like Nell Fletcher, but I totally disagree with her opinion. Martell used that video recording to intimidate his ex-wife to not speaking out about his transgressions with that Whore.Arrione Curry both of them conspiring to release that private sex tape as another individual. Which she admitted on tape to a blogger OSNC. So, that’s a Federal Crime and apparently a violation of Alabama State Law in Madison County. “He’s going to Jail” the worthless piece of shyt.

  5. What kind of man would leak a video of his ex wife that’s explicit which we all know (sex) ? He is lower than a snake to do something like that. He needs to fired from the show until he gets himself together, and get all this animosity out his system. He goes back and forth arguing like a female which is childish. Melody is messy when she wants to be, but she’s about her coins! You don’t really know a person well until you’re not with them anymore. They show you the real them after divorce!

  6. Melody is sick and tired of Martell. He has been emotionally and mentally abusive toward her, not to mention having a year’s long affair which produced a baby. All she wants him to do is back off with all his nonsense. We don’t know what REALLY happened for her to file charges against him. None of the men can seem to talk any sense into him, and he’s so guilty all he can do is talk about Melody and give her the blues for finally taking her life back. He needs to concentrate on getting himself together without Melody, and until he does that, he’s going to continue to harrass her and speak ill of her–so miserable. She has gone way on with her life, and he’s very angry that he’s not in control anymore. Nobody cares about his bald head, and too little clothing. Even Sheree, with her thirsty, gold-digging behind, went on!

    1. You said it all. He’s an ignorant spoiled brat trying to be a grown man. She was the brains in the marriage from day one. He needs the money from the show but really needs to take a mental health break for himself and the children he claims he loves.

      1. 👏👏👏Not only that, his mother said, “so what you had a baby” she enables his behavior. Nothing Martell does is wrong why he acts like boy-child now. As others have said, only a low down scoundrel would threaten the mother of his children with revenge p-rn. Who does that???

        It also explains why Sheree pulled away. And while Coleslaw aka Arionne thinks its all fun and games, he is going to do the same thing to her. He tried to convince her to release the tape. This is just sad

  7. Accountability!!!! Martell hasn’t taken accountability for ANYTHING. The easiest thing he can do (leaving Mel alone) is the hardest thing for him to do. Clearly he (nor his baby’s mother) have lives of their own so they constantly bother Mel. Martell didn’t want Mel when he had her and the baby mother (Arionne) wanted to be Mel. That was until the cat was let out the bag that Mel was the brains and license (contractor) behind the HOLT name. GOD said GO so Mel took her paperwork, moved out of the house and moved on. Martell is stuck with his tight suits and nowhere to go. Arionne doesn’t even have a coat tail for him to ride on. For anyone that’s gonna cheat on their spouse, CHEAT UP especially if your sh*t ain’t in order. and I wrote “ain’t” on purpose. It’s not a grammatical error.

  8. Marty keeps poking the bear with Melody so she’s not questioning anything nor making excuses like most women do. He could be getting his as* whooped by some goons but she’s trying to be cool.

  9. I don’t expect pick me’s and male identified women who stay with cheaters and disrespectful men to agree with Melody’s decisions. Kimmi, Nell, and Latisha all have low self esteem.

    1. Don’t be fooled by the FAKE outrage in the comment section. Many women in Black Community willingly share their Man. Many brag about being the ( Main piece) and telling the side to stay in their place. Pick Me are everywhere honey!

      1. Speak for yourself. A lot of your comments on here are disturbing. You get triggered anytime women support each other and call out men. Very weird.

          1. The way you’re always able to bend, twist, and twerk your way out of holding a man accountable for anything sure is…something. Side pieces wouldn’t exist if men weren’t unfaithful and liars. People tried to explain that to you on the Scrappy posts. But I see you’re another Erica Dixon. Mad at everybody but the man. Be well. We’ll communicate no further. Erica never got a clue and you won’t either.

  10. Some black people will do any and everything but hold black men accountable. The gaslighting is insane.

    1. We can’t hold the Men accountable if Women are willing to Give him p*ssy. Martel has no shortage of Women to sleep with him. Overall I’m disappointed in everyone involved

  11. I hate this show so much. And I’m close to hating OWN as well. I can’t believe this is the same network we used to watch Queen Sugar and Greenleaf on.

  12. Martell isn’t as dumb as his defenders believe. He knows revenge p is illegal. Melody has a right as an American citizen to pursue justice when a crime is committed against her. Common sense isn’t hard here. The black community likes to preach no snitching but that only led to black women and men dying more than any other group. Melody isn’t wrong, our culture is just too toxic and lacking a unified moral code.

  13. The f-ck? The older I get the more I question if I even belong in the black community anymore. I’m seeing more black people act like they don’t know right from wrong and it’s scary as f-ck. Who raised these people? Straight up cretins dawg. Yeah f-ck this show.

  14. Martell has been harassing and stalking Melody since she left him. He’s also violent to their kids. She doesn’t have to protect Martell. Protecting herself and her children is the correct priority.

    1. Nell is/was the side chick, probably still is bec he sick arse husband like
      TEENAGERS 18yrs old. They’re barely legal, I can’t stand men like that
      at all. It’s legal but you still look like Chester the molester. Chris also has
      NO BALLS the way he didn’t tell Ms. Martell anything about the way he spoke
      to Nell. He don’t defend her behind.,

  15. Nell said all of this just for Martell to call her a side chick later. These people are idiots. Martell is a menace to everyone, even his kids but misogyny got them all in a chokehold.

  16. Black women are literally encouraged to let black men disrespect us in the name of some fake a-s black unity. Those of us that refuse are treated like problems. I am sick of it. Done with OWN period.

  17. Educated black women with high self esteem are no longer the target demographic of OWN. They aren’t hiding this either. Move accordingly and stop wasting time on shows that weren’t intended for intelligent people. Bravo is just about there as well.

  18. Nell is a great example of why it’s important to teach black girls the value of a good education and self love. These women are older than most of us yet incredibly stupid. Their parents failed them. Luckily, Melody knows better than to listen to their stupidity when it comes to that demon she married. This is the same cast who didn’t want her to leave Martell to begin with. This dysfunctional show will meet its demise eventually. They all do.

  19. I know most of us already know a lot of black men are trash but when you really step out into this world, you find out a lot of black women are trash too. And they give the worst advice to their “friends.” So this definitely tracks. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. Now I see why Nell’s son can’t stay out of jail. His mother doesn’t believe black men should be held accountable for committing crimes. Male identified women are dangrous. They’ll sit back and watch their sons terrorize women like it’s nothing and then blame the women for pressing charges. Nasty work.

  21. I think Mel did the right thing. Although you may want to keep a black man out of jail, this black man was wrong. Nell, what if you had a daughter and it happened to her. It’s wrong on all accounts. Likewise, Nell has 4 daughters and she would certainly be setting a bad example for her girls, i.e. allowing them to believe this type of behavior is warranted. He’s not a good man Savanah. When are women going to stand for what is right. . . . not what you feel but what is right. Also, if he had leaked that video the way he wanted to, that girl would have been devastated. Responsibility need to be taken by the offender. Playtime is over. Respectfully Submitted

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