Monica Talks Fallout with Ciara

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Monica and Ciara used to be besties and Ciara was even in Monica’s wedding, but it’s pretty obvious the friendship fizzled out even though the reason is still unclear.

Some seem to think it’s because Monica found out about Future’s alleged cheating ways but didn’t inform Ciara, but Monica claims in a new interview that just isn’t the truth.

She tells Streetz 94.5:

“I read all kind of stuff that’s absolutely not true. She and I did have a disagreement. We had issues with each other. When you’ve been friends for a long time, almost two decades, you let things fester and you don’t talk about them. It can cause a breakdown that other people may not understand. I love her. I’m not going to build somebody up to break them down no matter what is taking place. And if ever I did anything that hurt or bothered her, it was not intentional because my love is always from a sincere place.

“I read something that I didn’t tell her about somebody cheating…none of that stuff is true. They say I was friends of somebody he (Future) was cheating with…none of that is true. I am friends with one of the mothers of Future’s children but it’s the mom that you never see…that you never hear from who Ciara also has a good relationship with.

“A lot of the stuff that you read is very untrue. Nothing that happened with us had anything to do with him. We just should have spoke about different issues long before it got to the point that it did. But for me, the love is always going to be the same. The support is always going to be the same. When I went to the (record) store, I didn’t buy a copy, I bought a rack.”


Check out the interview below. The Ciara talks starts around the 15:00 mark.


      1. True but you really have to do something disrespectful for a scorpio to cut you off though. Monica is cool and all, but what did she do for Ciara to start acting like she doesn’t exist? Something went down.

      2. because we forgive so many times wanting to see the good in people. So if we don’t want to let u back in its because u messed up over and over. And took that kindness for weakness. And everybody knows there’s nothing weak or feeble minded about a Scorpio.

  1. It had to be something major if you stop being friend with someone you were cool with for almost 20 years.

  2. Man I’ve been there before. I had a friend I was close with since elementary school but instead of telling her my issues with her over the years, I blew up at her over something so petty and we didn’t speak for a few years. We recently started talking somewhat but it will never be the same.

      1. Honestly I did but now I understand why it happened. I think I’ve always felt like she didn’t go above and beyond for our friendship like I have for years. I thought she was my best friend but I have actually formed better friendships in college. I think we will remain cool and on speaking terms, but I no longer care that she’s a bit of a user and lazy friend. I get what I need from other friendships and relationships. No love lost just an awareness.

  3. Monica is too loyal! I’m thinking Ciara cut her off because Monica wasn’t an attention whore like her and she couldn’t get publicity from their friendship. Since then she’s moved on to Lala and Kim K. Do the math people!

      1. Album jokes? Didn’t another one of Ciara’s albums just flop? Anyway, whenever Rih does drop, it will go platinum. You know that. But back to Ciara. Why is she such a fake attention whore who uses people for publicity?

        1. Well at least Ciara wasn’t afraid to release her album. Rihanna still hasn’t released hers because she knows her singles have flopped and she’s afraid her album will too. That’s kind of pathetic when you think about it. I need her to drop the album ASAP so you can stop stalking Ciara so much. But enjoy your Saturday girl.

  4. Man I’ve been there when you’ve held things in and it finally blows up. I hope they work things out because Monica said they have been friends for 20+years. But like Zodiac said Scorpio’s hold grudges along with Leo’s. I hope Ciara lets this go.

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