Claudia Jordan Calls out RHOA Fans

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Claudia Jordan isn’t expected to return for season eight of RHOA as a full-time housewife, and sources seem to think it’s because she virtually got no love on social media in comparison to the rest of the cast.

She’s also been called out for making some racially insensitive remarks which resulted in some fans starting a petition to have her booted off, but Claudia claims she’s the real victim.

She tells Rolling Out Magazine:

“Just because you’re making money, you’re working, [or] you’re famous, you still have a heart, you still have insecurities, and you still have feelings. People think that because you’re famous, ‘oh you signed up for this.

“I still go home and have insecurities about my weight or my feet, or relationship stuff just like you do. People need to take that into consideration before you go on someone’s page and write something so negative … I’ve had death threats on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages because you’re upset about a scene that I did on a reality television show. I’ve had people threaten to kill my cat, or to harm my family members because you’re ‘Team Nene’ and you think we hate each other. We don’t even hate each other … we don’t even have it like that.”


  1. No she’s not trying to pull the victim card when she enjoyed calling black people monkeys multiple times on Twitter. Just stop Claudia. You were fired. Move on.

  2. So transparent. Now she wants to pretend she’s been mistreated and misunderstood because Carlos told her she needs more fans to get that peach back. She’s so fake.

  3. B-tch needs to shut her crusty toed a-s up. I guess she forgot her dumb a-s was caught slipping like a few weeks ago bragging about calling that black woman a monkey on Twitter. B-tch is an online bully her damn self. And she’s too much of a coward to own up to that sh-t right now because she’s trying to get her job back. Doing the most to get back in but swears she’s so booked. F-ck out of here.

  4. She’s getting desperate. She really thought she would slide right back in now that Nene’s gone but they told her to sit it out because no one really likes her. Her personality is gross. She should just take the L and be thankful she’s in at least one scene as Kenya’s friend next season. She had her chance and blew it because she talks too much.

  5. I read somewhere else that the network is going to pick the rest of the peach holders based off social media ratings so everyone is fishing stuff to blogs and doing interviews to get their votes up. Claudia knows she pissed people off with those racist tweets, so now she’s trying to pretend she is a victim. This won’t work because Porsha is going to get her peach. Porsha just has way more fans.

  6. Ain’t nobody got time for Claudia’s crocodile tears. She was bullying black women before she was even on RHOA. Either she needs thicker skin or she needs to stop being a bully herself.

  7. Claudia is garbage she has nothing going on but kick ball games and hood club appearances she has set the standards so low for #rhoa she is a damn boring sac of nothing!!!

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