Brandi Maxiell Isn’t Here for Draya’s Apology

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been watching the current season of “Basketball Wives LA,” then you already know Brandi Maxiell and Draya are no longer on friendly terms.

Things for the friendship went sour after Draya told Brandi she felt surviving cancer was a boring storyline for the reality show, and many have taken to social media to slam Draya for being insensitive.

Draya apologized in a lengthy open letter on Instagram hours ago:

draya instagram
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To no surprise, Brandi is not feeling Draya’s apology. She responded in her own open letter on her Instagram account:

brandi instagram
brandi instagram 2
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  1. Draya is foul but why are people afraid to admit that yes, Brandi is boring as hell? It’s ok to say that out loud.

    1. People don’t want to admit it because she’s a cancer survivor. And even though she said she doesn’t use cancer as a storyline, she definitely does. Last season she got into it with Sundy over her cancer and now Draya.

  2. Both of them are fake in different ways when you think about it. Brandi has her messy ways but she knows how to spin it and she does use her cancer to get the sympathy vote from viewers. Draya is a certified mean girl but she knows how to spin it to look like she’s being picked on for being the most popular person on the show. I’m just calling a spade a spade.

  3. I don’t care for either one of them but I definitely can’t stand Draya and I agree with everything Brandi said. But Brandi is a fool if she thought Draya was really her friend and why is she acting so shocked Draya would say insensitive things. Draya been reckless at the mouth and doesn’t care about anybody but herself.

  4. I’m laughing at this whole situation because Brandi and Malaysia used to be Draya’s enablers. They were caping for her so hard last season and rallied behind her to get Sundy fired. Hell Malaysia and Brandi depend on Draya so much they were telling her to turn up more this season so the show wouldn’t be boring. They’re eating because of Draya because she kept the show going with all that messiness. But now her messiness is a problem? Really? Man what the f-ck ever. They always knew she was a monster. Don’t complain now Brandi.

  5. I don’t know about most people but I too have been guilty of saying things out of anger, spite, pettiness whatever the case may be. Is it right? Absolutely not. However, we have to understand that these women, all of them, are on this show to purposely argue with one another, if they didn’t argue the show would be boring. So of course at some point they will say things out of anger simply to get under someone’s skin. Again, it is wrong BUT Brandi does need to come up with a better storyline. She’s beginning to pull the victim card now.

  6. Everytime Brandi types and talks I hear a violin playing in the background. I used to like her too. She knew what she signed up for. Quit crying.

  7. Honestly, Draya was wrong, but think about this? Why were they arguing in thefirst place? I think the girls honestly did gang up on Draya. Draya probably reacted by getting back on their case. I detect no lies on Draya’s part as to why and how the argument transpired in the first place. Here are their issues/why they were wrong in different ways:

    Brandi and Malaysia were getting on Draya and her storyline, obviously they had tension with Draya because of her avoiding them when they had problems. I think that was the real issue, but instead of keeping it at that, they got on Draya for not brining in her fiance / family up on the show. Also, Brandi must have forgot that she blocked Draya, which means Draya couldn’t get in touch with her because of that. That is the one hole in Brandi’s argument.

    Draya: She clearly is someone who doesn’t know how to argue / handle issues, and I have to admit Shaunie is right ot point that out. Draya slo really f-cked up when she was confronted, but now she reminds me of people i have met / know who say things to win an argument / they feel like they are defending themselves. Draya is a mess for avoiding such serious issues, and not fighting to keep that friendship. I will say that Brandi is probably the hardest person to have an issue with, as she makes it clear that you have to really fight for her to have her forgive you. What she dealt with was extremely terrible in her life, but the anger she is showing seems like there is a lot going on with her.

    At the ned of the day, Draya was wrong, but i do feel like there are different angles that their arguing had on each other.

    Draya needs to learn to confront issues and accept when she is wrong, I think Brandi was in shock about their situation, but I till think Draya’s words were taken out of context. Editing is an evil thing.

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