D’Angelo Still Resents ‘Untitled’ Music Video

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer D’Angelo made a return back to the music scene with “Black Messiah,” and although the debut for his latest studio album had strong first week sales, it’s hard for him to get over the reactions from his “Untitled” music video.

The singer has been vocal in the past about how he feels the video has made it hard for many of his female fans to concentrate on his music and not his physical appearance.

In a new interview, he expresses once again that he thinks the video overshadows his music at times.

He tells Tavis Smiley:

“A lot of times live when we were touring for ‘Voodoo’ and I had this amazing band, the Soultronics. Questlove was the drummer, [bassist] Pino [Palladino], of course I had the incomparable Roy Hargrove on trumpet, Frank Lacy on trombone. Just this outstanding band, and we were doing some amazing stuff musically. And a lot of times the crowd — or a lot of the ladies were just screaming, ‘Take it off!’ And I kind of felt like, for lack of a better thing, a male stripper, you know? Or I [was] expected to be that, you know what I mean?”

Check out the video below:


  1. That video still makes me feel some kind of way. Sh-t. But he’s talented as hell. Real music heads can see that.

  2. He was just a sex symbol and I think he didn’t realize he was until the video. At some point he has to understand women can appreciate his looks and talent simultaneously.

  3. I remember this used to bother him so much he actually gained weight on purpose and went into hiding. I’m glad he’s back and he can laugh about it now. Love him!!

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