Michael B. Jordan Has a Message for Black Women

Photo Credit: GQ/ Peggy Sirota
Photo Credit: GQ/ Peggy Sirota

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actor Michael B. Jordan saw firsthand how much movie goers see color when he received tremendous backlash for portraying Johnny Storm in the “Fantastic Four” reboot, and the movie tanked terribly at the box office.

And with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds stating in a recent interview that he hopes Jordan will be able to bounce back but it may be difficult since he’s a black actor, it’s a rather interesting time for Jordan to talk proudly about not seeing color in his GQ interview.

So what did Michael B. Jordan have to say about his black fans? Click next to find out.

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  1. So he doesn’t see color but we have never seen him with a black woman and the last time he said anything about black women, he talked about his annoyance of us wearing weaves? Yeah, he most certainly sees color. But I’m good. I scratched him off my list a while back.

    1. And we’re never going to see him with a black woman. He really thinks he can convince white people to see past his skin but he will see eventually that they never do. And when that happens, he’ll try to make his way back in with black people. It never fails.

  2. You know, I was riding for him with the whole Fantastic Four racism stuff but I had to get off the bus after those weave comments. Look, I think he has some talent but he clearly has some sellout tendencies, and I just don’t plan to support him any further. I wish him the best though.

      1. Spot on. I love seeing interracial couples. Yes I know its 2015. I ask myself the same question, why do I a greater population of Black men dating white women. More than any other race/gender leave it to the Black men to have a higher population in seeking outside their race (Mainly to white women) but whatever…I don’t mean the entire Black male population though

  3. *blank stare* What? So he’s trying to call out black women for reminding him that he can do much better than a Kardashian? Wow, he’s really an idiot.

  4. His comments don’t surprise me. This is why I tried to tell people to pay close attention to the context of what he said about weaves. He does not like nor is he attracted to black women. That’s his prerogative but don’t get mad when we stop supporting you, like many of us have done already.

  5. I don’t like this guy. We have Denzel, Samuel and Will Smith…men who are in acting because they seriously love the craft. They love the art. But this young man is literally in it for the money and fame and said so with no shame in this interview. I encourage all of you to read the whole interview. He lacks substance, real drive and the passion. He’s a disgrace in so many ways.

  6. He may not see color but Hollywood does. And when they get done with him, he’ll be lucky if he’s not broke and BROKEN. Hollywood eats weak black men alive. The only ones who make it and excel are the strong ones who have some kind of black pride.

  7. Well this just sealed the deal for me. I won’t see another movie of his. Let the Kendall Jenners of the world support his career, I’m good.

  8. It’s not like most of us didn’t catch on to him a while back. Anybody who says their type of woman is one they can run their fingers through their hair and not catch something is a self hating fool. Not just because he really is ignorant to think all black women wear weaves, but he has no problem talking so low of his own people in public. Men like that are trash.

  9. I wanted homie to win because the wire is the best show of all time, but I can’t really rock with dude anymore. Black women are the originals. Nothing better than a black woman. Real sh-t.

  10. He has always rubbed me the wrong way from day 1 before even started saying anything it was just something about him that didn’t sit right with me. I just never warmed up to him and now I’m glad I always paid him dust. My f-ckboy radar never fails me.

  11. This is what happens when parents don’t teach their kids how to love their blackness. They grow up and become this right here.

  12. Everybody sees race. Even him because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have noticed it was his black fans saying anything. He contradicted himself.

  13. White women aren’t really checking for him though. In 5 years, he’ll be forgotten and he will never be a A list because he’s not even that good of an actor.

    1. yes. most white women know black men lower their status. white ppl arent racist for no reason. they will get “blackballed” in a quickness for dating black. only certain types of nonblack females actually openly date black.

  14. Chile what beautiful black woman broke this idiot’s heart back in the day because he comes for black women in all of his interviews.

  15. I heard that Kendall is messing wit Orlando Bloom tho…..so he’s stanning for her, but whose stanning for him??? Anyway, I can’t wait till White Hollywood puts him in place. Cuz White people never let u forget that u r a n*gger they didn’t wit Tiger Woods, Vanessa Williams or any1 else who is half Blk or Blk but think they r some type of Hybrid Blk that White people accept on their level….lmao. U are only cool as long as u know ur place and don’t try to do better than them, live where they live.

  16. I really think some black celebs are so naive they think can make a career without the support of black people. But they learn fast that when black people don’t ride for you, it doesn’t matter in the end. He won’t be relevant in a few years.

  17. Even if u a benz, u still a #@$% in a coup..he’ll learn the hard way and hope we all get to see his rude awakening. Self hate is real.

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