Dwyane Wade Doesn’t Care About Fashion Critics & Says Gabrielle Union Isn’t Trying to Replace Ex-Wife

When asked how he’s able to successfully raise three young men, D Wade explains Gabby’s role is important, but he understands it’s even more important she doesn’t try to replace his ex.

D Wade says:

“She can give me a different perspective sometimes; support, other times. My wife is very, very, very smart when it comes to everything in life. She’s been through a lot. She’s seen a lot. Her voice is wanted not only from me, but the kids as well. They have a mother and she’s not trying to replace their mother, but in our household, she’s the lady in charge and they respect her for it.”

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  1. Is that her real hair? She looks cute as always. Anyway no words for this interview. They play the PR game perfectly.

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