Claudia Jordan Responds to Official RHOA Departure

Claudia isn’t upset about her time on RHOA being cut short.

In fact, she’s been telling her followers on Twitter that she has a new show in the works, so she’s happy for the other ladies who were able to make it to season eight.

When a fan asked her how she feels about seeing the trailer now that she’s no a part of the cast, she responds with the following (read tweets from top to bottom):

claudia jordan twitter

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  1. Oh please she so full sh-t for the last couple of months she been claiming she wasn’t fired it was all rumors. But now that the trailer and the press release for RHOA say different she singing a different tune. She don’t even need to speak on RHOA anymore she is nothing but a footnote in RHOA history bye b-tch!

  2. Claudia sthu! She lie sooo much just like she wasn’t fired from rsms she should crawl under a rock and stay there

  3. Yeah right that’s the only airtime she gets nowadays her first and last season…..and it’s crazy how she ain’t even got no recurring role…..I thought Kenya was her friend to the end…..And the new Nene….she couldn’t pull no strings for Claudia to stay on the show….guess she had no clout after all ????

    1. Lol Kenya too busy trying to hold on to the ONE job she has to worry about Claudia’s peach… Besides she has ZERO clout over at Bravo.. She ain’t no Nene Leakes!

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