Watch: Amber Confronts Milan

In the preview for the upcoming episode, Amber is looking for the truth and Milan is hoping he can finally get Amber out of the picture once and for all.

On the preview, VH1 writes:

Amber’s reaction to Miles coming out of the closet was anything but subtle but now she’s got herself together and ready to move forward but first, she needs to speak with Milan.

In a sneak peek for the next Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Amber says, “It’s about time I come face to face with the little boy who’s with the man that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.” Looking fierce as ever, Amber is ready to get to the bottom of Miles and Milan’s relationship to get the real truth.

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  1. 1. This is not going to be a positive interaction….a complete waste of time 2. Amber looking fierce? A bodycon dress & weave don’t equal fierce…. TBH she’s not even attractive

  2. Ugh, Milan is so petty. Does he not realize that Miles helped raised Amber’s son? He’s supposed to drop out of Zoe’s life for him? Milan is a selfish broad. I can’t stand him.

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