Hazel-E Was Actually Fired from LHHH?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that filming has wrapped up for the reunion for season two of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” the rumors are running rampant.

As you already know, Hazel-E told followers on her social media accounts that she decided to walk away from the hit reality show and will not appear in the following season, and she thought she should leave because her rumored boo Katt Williams told her she can do much better than reality television.

Interestingly enough, now sources are claiming Hazel was actually fired.

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  1. Well getting fired is the best thing to ever happen to her. I’m sorry but why be on a show that capitalized off a man throwing a drink in your face? She can do better.

  2. If anybody should be fired it should be Ray J. He’s boring. I know they thought he’d be another Stevie J but he’s def not.

  3. Hazel stays getting played by people. There’s no way I’m going to put a cast and concept together and not get paid for it.

  4. But is anybody really surprised Mona would try to get over on Hazel or anybody. Hazel is crazy a producer credit should have been in her contract from day one. Hazel and Sheree have to smarten up because snakes like Mona and Carlos will always try to screw over you.

  5. She needs to sue Mona. I don’t know why she’s afraid to do it. Mona knows the rules. And this ain’t the first time she’s stolen show concepts either.

    1. Me too, she always get burned, but that’s alright Hazel, you’ll have the last laugh. Oh,btw, can’t believe TT spoke up for you, finally she learning how to return sincere friendship. I still wouldn’t trust her though Hazel.

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