Erica Mena Shades ‘Love and Hip Hop’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

VH1 recently confirmed the cast for the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” and Erica Mena stayed true to her vow of not returning to the popular reality show.

Although many fans of the show are excited to see Remy Ma and Papoose, as well as the return of fan favorite couple Yandy Smith Harris and Mendeecees Harris, some people are starting to question the authenticity of the franchise since Milan is claiming his storyline with Miles is fake.

Erica Mena shared her thoughts on the rumored fake storylines recently on Twitter.

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  1. Who is this thirst bot fooling???? Yeah I don’t see her ever being on tv faking anything and I mean that literally she is horrible at lying and bullshyting so she could Neva be an actress or reality show star……she sittin on Twitter acting like she’s not bother when clearly he only work she is gettin these days is Twitter questions which is free…..wat happened to that lil cornball she was just engaged to and their wedding that was suppose to happen Neverary 2016????

  2. I wish this annoying a-s bird would shut the f-ck up. Ever since Bow Wow’s corny a-s proposed to her, she’s been full of sh-t. Yet that summer wedding didn’t even happen. She needs to humble herself because she will be calling Mona again once she comes to terms with the fact that the wedding ain’t never gonna happen.

  3. I don’t know why she’s trying to throw shade when she’s faked multiple things for the sake of having a story line. In fact is her relationship with Bow Wow even real?

  4. Erica shouldn’t burn bridges she will need to cross again later. She will need a check once Bow Wow cuts her off, which he will.

    1. Exactly bish is just hating cuz she really wanna b on tv lying some more but she wants her fake man and America to believe otherwise…..bish talkin bout folks gonna see her on tv agai…..bish where????!!!!!

  5. Why is she lying? She will eventually go back to LHHNY and no she can’t get her own show outside of it. Erica is not Nene Leakes. She ain’t even a Draya. Ain’t nobody checking for her like that.

    1. Draya and Nene were smart enough to take acting lessons and get agents so they can eat without reality shows. Erica is still waiting on Bow Wow.

  6. Now see she really doesn’t seem to understand Bow Wow has inflated her ego and stripped her of her own hustle. He told her she was too good for LHH and now she’s unemployed and tweeting all day with no wedding day in sight. Now he doesn’t even know if he wants to marry her, and she still has the audacity to shade the one way she was able to provide for herself.

  7. Erica is so lame. She didn’t mind the show being fake before Bow Wow gave her a ring. She needs to worry about her engagement though because it doesn’t seem like they are getting married anymore.

    1. Erica needs to look to Lira. Cause he put a ring on it, don’t mean he can’t take it back! #HumbleThyselfThot

  8. Erica is really feeling herself. And I doubt that spinoff will ever happen. The longer she stays away from L&HH, the less people start to care about her. That’s how reality television works.

  9. Erica has a lot to say about a show she willingly walked away from. Why is she so pressed? Are the opportunities not lining up?

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