WWHL Drama: 50 Cent Takes Shots at Vivica Fox, She Throws More Shade

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent is no stranger to feuds, and recently he sparked back up his longstanding beef with Rick Ross on his Instagram account.

However, it appears 50 may now add Vivica Fox to his growing list of enemies.

The other night the actress stopped by Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” and she took shots at her former flame’s s*xuality.

Click next for the details.

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      1. Bae you just don’t like Aunt Viv because she dragged Kenya multiple times for stealing her phone. LOL.

  1. She probably should have kept this to herself. 50 is going to do her like he does Diddy and Rick Ross and it will be nonstop.

  2. Sh-t people been thinking 50 likes d-ck for a long time. I don’t understand why people are so mad at Vivica for stating the obvious. She probably didn’t notice the red flags until it was over like a lot of women.

    1. Girl I said the same damn thing. That man will cut you off at the knees with one tweet, but all he can muster is some weak a-s photos of Viv? She said she got some stories in the vault so I got a feeling 2 quarters treading real careful here.

  3. I’m so tired of 50 thinking he can keep talking reckless about people all the time, He’s going to try the wrong person one day. And yes I know Viv started it but 50 starts 90% of the other beefs he has so whatever.

  4. LMAO like someone mentioned Soulja and 50 acting like a couple tag teaming Vivica and they do look suspect in that Vibe cover #sorryNotsorry I heard stories about the both of them being twisted….so they mad she just stated what every1 else was thinking…but anyway not to give 1 BRoke A$$ Troll and a Childish/Bored wit Life Troll any ammunition I would’ve said nothing they relationship was like a decade ago…null and voided and nothing to speak upon in the present

  5. Vivica got him though. 50 clapbacks have been lame Vivica clowned him effortlessly and he still trying to match the stinging she gave him she definitely got the better of him.

  6. This old trick still in her feelings. I thought they had made amends. Unless they have been seeing each other again undercover, her comments don’t make sense. Why didn’t she say this when her and 50 first started going at each other when they first broke up? Why? Because her old a** still wanted him. This throwing gay shade is so played out. Grow up Auntie…..no i mean grandma Vivica and find someone who will love you before you are put in an old folk home. I’m not a fan of either one but damn grow up.

  7. I always thought he was gay and still do. When a man is always so hellbent on exposing other people for being gay, they are usually gay themselves.

  8. My coworker said Viv is guest starring in “Empire” soon so she is trying to bring buzz to her name by doin this cause it doesn’t make sense for her to just start this war out of nowhere

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