Wendy Williams Says She’s Successful Because She Doesn’t Alienate Black Fans + Says Celebrities Need Her

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams is on a roll right now, and her talk show has been extended to the year 2022.

Although her viewers enjoy her very frank way of reporting on the latest celebrity news and gossip, many celebrities have called her out for being way too harsh.

In particular, some feel she’s actually harsher on black celebrities.

Interestingly enough, Wendy thinks her show is a hit because she’s learned how to appeal to other races but manages to not alienate black women.

She tells the AP:

Much like Obama winning the White House, you cannot just deal with your base – black women and gay men. You’ve got to learn to bend a little bit to expand, but you can’t alienate your people.


Wendy also had some words for the celebrities who refuse to do her show. Click next for the details.

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  1. B-tch please! You can’t even wear the right shoe or mascara for your praying mantis-looking a-s. Do you really think folks tune in for your fashion advice? You’re not Fashion Police and you ain’t got that kind of pull, Boo!

  2. Wendy is just doing damage control. She’s been trying to say nice things about black people lately because people have been calling her out on her bull.

    1. She is. I still don’t why people like her show so much though. All she does is repeat old gossip and stale news the blogs put out days before.

  3. I use to like Wendy I even bought her 3 novels which were pretty good by the way, but now when they start playing her show’s thyme song I instantly change the channel. Wendy has become one of the most annoying talk show host I’ve ever seen. The way she gush over her white guest and down her own kind is just sickening. Yes she’s doing damage control because if she don’t by the year 2022 no respecting black person will be seen anywhere near her studio. Just saying.

  4. Now she’s comparing herself to Obam? Please. Perhaps only by gender does she have anything in common with him. I don’t watch her show and it’s because we have enough of people bashing, and back stabbing each other on reality TV shows that are much more entertaining. She says hurtful things about people and then thinks about it later. Thankfully Karma knows her address. I hope her show gets cancelled.

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