Miguel is Tired of Being Underrated

Miguel’s latest studio album “Wildheart” didn’t perform so well commercially.

The album only sold around 40,500 copies in its first week, and some of his interviews didn’t help his image.

While promoting the album, in one interview he kind of hinted that he has an open relationship with his longtime girlfriend, and that became another huge controversy for the R&B singer.

Even though he’s had some image issues, he feels underrated and he hopes it won’t always be that way for him.

He tells i-D:

“I don’t want to always be underrated. I don’t want to be underrated. I don’t want to be just some like, oh that was a nice idea.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. He’s like a baby prince just not as dope. His music is superior to just about 99% of his contemporaries though. I even think he’s better than Frank Ocean. But Miguel’s problem is he’s kind of whiny and his personality can leave much to be desired.

  2. He just needs to learn how to stop talking so damn much. The less we know about you, the better. People have been led to believe being too open i.e.. Kardashian is what it takes to succeed but people will always prefer you to be somewhat of a mystery. He needs to stop tweeting, stop talking about his s-x life and just focus on making good music. It will fall in place.

  3. Like mentioned Miguel music is dope and imo he is better than Frank Ocean not trying to be shady but Frank Ocean is one of the most overrated artist*shrugs*. But Miguel’s problem is he turned a lot of people off with some of the things he said. As f-cked up as it might be as an r&b artist nowadays when r&b isn’t selling like it use to you can’t afford to turn your fans and potential fans off. He was still in the process of building a solid fan base when he started talking reckless thats not smart and the people on his team and PR should have schooled him. I didn’t agree with a lot of things he said but he should be a bigger artist and its messed up that many black r&b artist don’t get the leeway that other artists in other genres get.

  4. He is underrated. He makes great music. He’s not as likeable but Chris Brown’s still manages to sell records and Miguel isn’t nearly as bad as him image wise.

  5. I keep him in heavy rotation. He will get his time one day. He just has to keep putting out quality music and stay off Twitter.

  6. His first album was everything. Second one I liked certain songs. I’m over him. Over his comments, couldn’t feel his new music. At this point I don’t think he’s underrated, I think he’s rated just fine. When he was hot, he was hit and it was acknowledge appropriately. You can’t attack your fan base then cry when no one buys your album.

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