Jill Scott Explains Why She Doesn’t Consider Herself a Single Mother

Photo Credit: The Steve Harvey Show
Photo Credit: The Steve Harvey Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Jill Scott may have her sights on maintaining her solid careers in music and acting, but she’s juggling it all while being a mother to her son Jett.

She’s made no secret about ending her romance with her son’s father years ago, but she doesn’t feel that automatically means she’s a single mother.

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  1. Some people have different definitions for single mothers. Some say you’re a single mother and some say you’re a single mother only if you don’t have any help.

  2. I understand her point. I always thought a single mother meant a woman who is raising a child or children without any help from anyone. So it’s good to know she has a support system and the child’s father is still involved.

  3. I love when parents can act like grown adults and put their child first, even of that means learning to become friends in order to co-parent. It’s nice that she didn’t bash his dad also.

  4. She’s absolutely right. A single mother is a woman who is doing everything completely alone. And truth be told, we should have no single mothers. Any man who doesn’t support his own kids is a disgrace to society.

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