Watch: Mack Wilds Addresses Sevyn Streeter Rumors + Talks Love of Dark-Skinned Women

Wendy Williams didn’t waste any time when it came to asking Mack Wilds questions about his personal life.

As you may already know, rumors have been swirling around about him and fellow R&B singer Sevyn Streeter. Apparently social media behavior has some folks thinking they may have a budding romance.

However, Mack claims they are just good friends but he wanted folks to know he loves dark-skinned women.

He says:

“She’s a dope woman.

“We’re just really, really good friends. She’s very, very pretty. I love dark-skinned girls, so she’s definitely one of them.”


Wendy was annoyed with the dark-skinned women reference and says in response:

“Who’s talking about complexion? See, this is where my people go in a conversation. Really?”


Mack didn’t back down and he explained to Wendy that his mother is brown-skinned so he can’t help but adore dark-skinned women.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Wendy really hates black people. For her to say that when she knows she has white audience members says a lot.

  2. I don’t know why I always thought him and Sevyn dated in the past. He’s a hell of a lot better than Bob that’s for sure.

  3. Wendy is just mad cuz she probably spent a lot of money “bleaching” to become 1 light color and no1 is checking for her big breasted, box body, shabby leg (White woman attributes) man lookin a$$ …..bish time came and went fall to the fckn waste side….stop being a hater and uplift “Ur people”

  4. Now I’ve always been told that Sevyn and Mack did date but it went left and she hated him for a while. I also thought all those times she was shading her ex in interviews while she was with Bob was for Mack. It’s really telling that she didn’t get tight with Mack again until Bob was out the picture.

  5. Not Wendy getting salty because he complimented black women. And dark skinned women at that. She just couldn’t take it could she? I’m so glad I don’t watch her show anymore.

  6. Honestly it was a pretty damn random statement, but its dope that he openly proclaimed love for black women…thats super rare with black male celebrities.

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