Peter Gunz Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop New York” star Peter Gunz is making headlines because his baby mama Tara Wallace is currently pregnant with his ninth child.

This news comes just a couple of weeks after Amina Buddafly defended terminating her pregnancy.

Tara may be unbothered by the criticism, but it’s really getting to Peter.

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  1. When you make terrible decisions on a regular on a public platform, you can’t get upset when people have a lot to say. If you want your messiness to be private, don’t do a reality show.

  2. F-ck this dude he is NOT in EACH household for dinner, baths, PTA meetings, tuck in good night, etc. no sympathy here. I don’t care HOW much money you have it takes quality time and being there for your child everyday!!!!

    *Rant over*

  3. Hoe a-s n-ggas have the most sh-t to say about their hoeing. Ain’t nobody gotta pat this man on the back for taking care of all his kids. That’s what the f-ck he supposed to be doing. F-ck boys want trophies for sh-t they are supposed to do.

  4. He’s in his feelings because he knows those draggings he’s been getting ain’t too far off. He’s on kid number nine and sleeping with two women at the same time. Once LHHNY goes away, then what? How will he provide for all those kids then?

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