Toni Braxton Talks Not Airing Her Business Out on Social Media

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Toni opened up about not being comfortable with airing out her personal life on social media.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Ultimately, 48-year-old Toni takes a backseat on the reality program to her four more drama-driven sisters. And as a result of the show’s popularity, her baby sister Tamar Braxton has become an R&B star in her own right as well as a host on syndicated talk show “The Real.”

“I was the oldest and always felt responsible for my sisters and my family,” Braxton said. “This provided them a platform so they could spread their own wings and grow. They all have so much talent and this enables the world to see that. I’m proud of all my sisters.”

She said her sisters are far more comfortable than she is airing out their lives in real time on social media. “I’m only 10 years older than Tamar,” Braxton said. “But I feel like we’re from completely different generations. I was taught that you explain yourself in your music,” she said. (Toni has 1.1 million followers on Instagram with 603 posts. Tamar? 2.2 million followers with 1,784 posts.)

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  1. Toni and I share very similar values , when pertaining to privacy . Not to mention , she the eldest and best looking on every level . I loooove me some Toni , about to go to my damn playlist now to listen to ‘I Love Me Some Him’ , she has great songs , but most are very sad .I promised my dude some loving tonight , I don’t want to be depressed right now isht…js ladies :-)<3

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