Is K Michelle Hindering Her Own Music Career?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle is a natural when it comes to VH1 programming, but she oftentimes questions why her music career still isn’t where she wants to be despite the rise to fame “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has given to her.

Interestingly enough, some seem to think she’s hindering her own success with her constant social media clapbacks and oversharing of her personal life.

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  1. I completely agree but K thinks doing the absolute most is required for her to eat (even though she still struggles to sell albums).

  2. Of course she’s hurting her own career. She’s part of the Kim Kardashian era. They think controversy and attention equals success, but that isn’t true when you actually have talent. You make people forget about your talent when you’re always pulling publicity stunts.

  3. She’s just trying to survive the social media age. If we forget about her and stop talking about her she will even less albums than she sells now.

  4. I think she realizes she hurts her own career but doesn’t really care anymore. Didn’t she say she has one more album left to record on her contract and she’s done with music?

  5. This is why so many people gave up on K a long time ago. She’s extremely talented but she lacks the professionalism it takes to win. Everyone wants to be “real” because they think it looks cool, but the truth is “real” people will always lose in business because you have to play the game to win.

  6. It’s the reality TV curse. That’s why she should have did one season of LHHATL and left. When you keep doing reality shows, you have to keep telling your business because that’s how you get paid and keep people tuning in. For the music thing to ever really work out for her, she’d have to stop doing reality shows.

  7. It’s a few things. 1. R&B is on its last leg, so her career is already going to be in struggle mode. 2. Reality shows aren’t necessarily a platform you keep going back to because your album sales ain’t popping. K really should have cut ties with Mona after the first season and taken a different approach to her music career. 4. Publicity stunts are a thing and everyone is pulling stunts for shine but not everyone can monetize publicity stunts properly. So K has to pretty much make a living from reality shows and to be a successful reality star, she has to be messy and overshare. She’s pretty much stuck in a hard place because she has to pay bills and music isn’t doing that for her.

  8. Have you all seen the sales of the most popular R&B artist…It’s just not selling for anyone, especially female artist. K is actually doing pretty well under the conditions of R&B. K is in the reality tv world so she has to be open about her life more then a typical artist. Is it hurting her music career…absolutely not. K is not chasing the charts. She makes music that she knows her core fans will love but doesn’t always translate to running the charts. People want to feel like they know a person before they spend coins on a person. Yea she could cut back on the clap backs, but she is in promotion mode, which means all publicity whether good or bad is good publicity. Monica, Brandy, Ciara, Tamar, Jasmine Sullivan, Kelly Rowland are all K’s peers who have undersold what K has in the last 2 yrs. K is doing the right thing balancing her portfolio while the getting is still good. K had plenty of time on the music side, look at Patti LeBelle still going strong in music at 70+.

  9. K is a hot mess and at some point she’s going to regret approaching her career the way she did but it will be too late. The truth is she shouldn’t have time to read IG comments and clap back. She should be too busy making music and grinding for all that.

  10. Her messiness does overshadow her music and it annoys me because her music is so damn good. She makes it hard for people to take her seriously because it’s hard to get past the reality show image she has.

  11. Short answer, yes. Sure, in this day and age artists are pressured to keep the media’s attention to increase brand visibility, but there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. For instance, you have some artists out here partnering with big brands to drop new music and some even changing the way they release albums altogether. But arguing with people on social media and signing up for raunchy reality shows isn’t innovative or even exciting. It makes people forget you’re even an artist. K needs to take a new approach to her music career asap because she’s running out of time.

  12. See the crazy thing is I would have said this applies to Tamar as well but Tamar has managed to get a legit career now with The Real. And she was able to do that because as annoying as she can be, she still knew she could only go so far if she wants legit career opportunities. You can only cut up so much when you’re trying to have a real career before people stop taking you seriously. K doesn’t seem to understand that.

  13. No matter who you are , RNB’s ship has sadly sailed . I listen to the early 2000s on back either way .90s era had the best music in every genre . Technology has become kryptonite for these artists , why buy it when you can download it freely and buy singles?? Pop and everything else is doing much better , however , even it isn’t selling as much thanks to social media .Movies , would sell better without bootleggers also . Technology is as harmful as it is beneficial period . K , on the other hand , K refuses to leave that broken checker board alone and join the game of CHESS . Reality Tv is what her career now entails , her own show couldn’t carry it’s own weight . #DOBETTERK #GoingNowhereFast # ChessPlayersOnlyMatter # RESPECTTHAT

    1. What are you talking about? K’s show had great numbers for the premier. K has a Jack Daniels endorsement deal, her own lounge / restaurant, retail store, and furniture line coming. She knows the state of R&B music that is why she is diversifing her brand. K also is the executive producer of her show plus some others in the making. People are just judging but don’t see the big picture because some pieces are still in the development phase. Trust K is preparing for life after reality, but one would be stupid to leave the reality tv money on the table for only music that is barely saling for anyone in R&B.

  14. She’s doing what she has to do honestly. She ain’t making money like that from her album because her albums don’t sell so she has to tour to eat from her songs. I think reality TV is easy money for her and if she’s not interesting enough, she would lose her relationship with VH1.

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