Monica Doesn’t Want People to Get It Twisted

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Monica knows the ins and outs of the music industry considering she’s been in the business since childhood, and some suspect that could be the reason why she’s managed not to get into any major Twitter beefs with other celebrities.

But Monica doesn’t want people to get it twisted.

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    1. You on to somethin……for some reason she doesn’t come off as sweet, humble and as genuine as my bae Brandy……Brandy has been in the biz a long time too and has come a long way and she is very much humbled w/o telling u she is humbled lol

      1. I so agree with you as far as brandy.. I saw an interview of both of them together on Breakfast club a few years back and Monica wouldn’t let Brandy talk at all.. She was always tying to talk over her even when question was not meant for her.
        Another thing correct me if I’m wrong.. she praises her Husband so much on social media and how perfect of a couple they are to the point where I’m like damn.. I pray he never cheats on her because she will look like a damn fool..

        1. Brandy should’ve chopped her in the neck….lol but that isn’t her character and you can tell. I don’t know Brandy personally obviously but you can tell she is a genuine sweet person

  1. No shade but I don’t know anyone who bumps ANY of Monica’s music…

    Hmmm, but let the opening chords of ANY song off of BRANDY, FULL MOON, AFRODISIAC, HUMAN , or TWO ELEVEN come on and its everybody’s jam. I was once in a restaurant in Miami for Sunday brunch and the whole place started jamming when BRANDY came on! They just ended up playing all of her albums! Her music appeals to the young, old, and in between. I was like “What y’all know about that BRANDY?!?” LOL

    1. Yes I live for Brandy’s music…..I probably played like 5- Monica songs collectively my whole life off of diff albums lol

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