K Michelle and Toya Wright Resume Social Media Beef

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and Toya Wright’s beef originated when Toya publicly doubted her ex-husband Memphitz assaulted the R&B singer while they dated.

Even though Memphitz and Toya have parted ways, the beef between K Michelle and Toya is far from over.

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  1. I’m not sure why Toya is bragging about two failed marriages. K may not have any divorces under her belt, but no marriage is better than two failed ones.

  2. K got her together & was accurate all the way through. Toya wants to play victim & im glad K called her to the carpet.

    1. She will always lose because if she’s truly unbothered like she claims, she would have never responded in the first place.

  3. Wow. Just wow. Petty LaBelles.

    And I’d like for Reginae to stay in her place as she chooses to do when it pertains to her father’s harem.

  4. Flawless victory for Kimberly but I want her to just let Toya self destruct on her own. Toya is getting some very serious karma right now and all these flop businesses she keeps promoting can’t conceal that fact.

  5. K may be immature and childish, but Toya is really delusional if she thinks any sane woman would want to be in her shoes. She married two losers who weren’t cut out for marriage. Worst of all, she still makes time to keep up with Lil Wayne’s harem. While she’s telling K to get a life and move on, she needs to do the same and stop shading Christina Milian everyday.

  6. Ain’t no way I’d be on Instagram arguing over some piece of sh-t n-gga like MemFISTS. F-ck outta here.

  7. K is on a mission to drag everyone who doubted her story. I can’t say I don’t understand it because I do. Rasheeda, Toya, Tamar and the rest of the crew see now that Memphitz isn’t who they thought he was and they have to feel stupid.

  8. They both look stupid to me. I understand why K is still mad I really do but at some point she is going to have to let it go. She should feel vindicated without even opening her mouth just take pleasure in knowing that the truth eventually came out and that Toya will look like a damn fool for the rest of her life along with Tamar & Rasheeda they will always look like fools to me. Toya is getting her well deserved karma no need to argue.

  9. Lmao I thought it was all hilarious when I saw it this morning….F.I don’t feel sorry for Toyota but being that she doesn’t know how to pick good men and doesn’t know how to leave thirst-bot C-Mili alone maybe she should learn how to b a better role model and positive adult force for her kid…just cuz ur IG War’ing doesn’t mean your child should have the right to get in it to. She needs to tell Reginae to mind her damn biz, and go do her homework bcuz just like K got her mama together she can get her together too….cuz once u step outta the “teen child toe toe” lane and into “the adult toe toe” lane u have every right to get chewed up and spit out. U wanna act and be seen as an adult you’re gonna get treated as such

  10. Neither one of these ladies is likable right now. Toya is a hypocrite who is obsessed with Christina Milan and finds plenty of time to shade her on Instagram and Twitter but she wants to pretend she’s so above the pettiness now because K handed her a$$ to her. And I want K to let that hurt go because she’s the one who won in this situation.

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