Kenya Moore Goes for the Jugular in Beef with Kim Fields

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is still at odds with Kim Fields, and it’s pretty clear that a truce may never happen.

And to make things even more messy, Kim’s alleged tax problems aren’t off the table for Kenya when she’s in the mood to take shots.

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    1. She’s still in a better place than Kim though. No gay husband, no ugly wigs, and she has a house she can afford.

  1. I don’t really get the Kim love on here. She acts like she’s better than everyone else on the show and she really shouldn’t be asked to come back for another season.

  2. I just can’t stop laughing at Kenya’s delusion trying to clown Kim like she is a hasbeen if Kim is a hasbeen what the hell does that make Kenya then lol. Newsflash you aren’t on Kim’s level somebody who was Miss USA and never used that platform for nothing more than being an extra with one liners on sitcoms in the 90’s. Now on reality show where you have faked relationships, picked fights and went from failed project to project. Life twirls on flop, kenya moore hair line flop lol.

  3. It’s hilarious to see Kenya try to read someone for still rehashing what they did in the 80s when she keeps rehashing winning Miss USA in the 90s.

  4. But didn’t she try to all Nene and Phaedra out for not being supportive of other black women…namely herself? Didn’t she accuse them of making her life difficult because she came on the show? Kenya is a jealous, hypocritical she-beast who needs to be kicked off that show before she harms Kim, or her family. She’s jealous enough of Kim’s life to do it!

  5. Kenya talks too much. Now if Kim started shading Kenya about being evicted, her paid boyfriends and flop businesses, she’d pull the victim card. Ugh.

  6. Kenya has someone new to poke at every season. At some point she has to see the common denominator is her. She can’t get along with anyone.

    1. She’s talking bout Kim still living in her hey days, but she’s the one that always brings up she used to be ms. pluto

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