Kimora Lee Simmons’ Husband Tim Leissner May Be in Some Serious Trouble

According to the Daily Mail, Kimora’s husband is under investigation for a laundering scandal:

The banker husband of fashion designer Kimora Lee is embroiled in an alleged multi-million dollar money laundering scandal involving the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the FBI, according to reports.

Tim Leissner, 45, the regional chairman of Goldman Sachs, has taken a leave of absence from the bank as the investigation unfolds. He is believed to be in Los Angeles.

He reportedly helped set up a state fund – 1Malaysia Development Berhad – for which Goldman Sachs received commissions for bond sales.

However $681million tied to the fund was transferred to the personal bank account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, The New York Post reported.

One claim was that the money was transferred from Saudi Arabia for financing the fight against ISIS terrorism.

The Prime Minister said it was a donation from the country.

Authorities in France and the UK are looking at 1Malaysia Development Berhad for financial irregularities.
Leissner, who lives in Singapore with his wife and the couple’s eight-month-old son, Wolfe, left the country for LA as the investigation began.

The Post reported that the FBI were investigating all the fund’s transactions due to money-laundering allegations in five countries.

The investigation could lead Goldman to face a congressional inquiry.

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  1. Sh-t Kimora has made an entire second career out of having babies for rich men. I’m sure she already has someone else lined up if this one ends up being hauled off to jail. She wrote the book on that marrying for money sh-t too. She could teach these young gold diggers a thing or two.

  2. It’s risky to date men with lots of money. You never know their business dealings. I watch American Greed on CNBC. Lord have I been turned off into marrying a wealthy man. I’d rather start from scratch with an average Joe and build to the top.

  3. Well she might be divorcing him then……….LOL. I think she only loves them until she gets the kids….I mean look at Russell ewwwww lol

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