Kenya Moore Defends Calling Kim Fields’ Husband Gay

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is getting some backlash for her comments about Kim Fields’ husband, but she wants viewers to understand that she wasn’t being messy at all.

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  1. She started that sh*t point blank. She was the one who called that man Chrissy and blatantly referred to him as gay. She’s such a bitter ole bish

    1. Kenya is a talentless slut. She was broke until the housewives and now will do or say anything to stay on the show gurllll

  2. Now if the shor was on the foot and people were calling her new fake boyfriend gay, she’d be in her feelings and pulling the victim card. Shut up Kenya.

  3. It’s always somebody else’s fault she never takes responsibility for her actions trying to shift the blame to Phaedra. Kenya loves to hit below the belt but watch when someone does that to her she going to act like a victim. Because if someone calls her a motherless child she would be up in arms.

  4. I’m not sure why people are mad at Kenya and not calling out the others who participated in this conversation. Kenya was not the only one alluding to his low down lifestyle. Yet she’s the only one getting backlash for it. Interesting.

  5. His s-xuality is none of Kenya’s business though. But for Kenya to have a gay bestie, she sure does seem obsessed with accusing people of being gay.

  6. But didn’t she blast Porsha for alluding to Kordell being gay, even though they were rumors for years and you could search that sh-t on goog…..oh nevermind!

  7. So because she supposedly didn’t start the convo……..she isn’t wrong for adding to it??????? W/e she never takes accountability for her words or actions…she needs to grow up she is almost 50 if not already…and she wonders why she got dragged…when you engage in ratchet-ness and drama….things like getting dragged and cursed out happens

  8. It doesn’t matter if Phaedra started the conversation or not because Kenya is the only one who ran with it. She is really fixated on that man’s s-xuality. She needs to worry about her own man because I find him questionable too.

  9. A private conversation….huh…5 women while filming…Kenya really?

    Not only did you blurt it out, you were laughing about it.

    It’s unfortunate but Kenya is missing the sensitivity chip. She may get it once she is married and has her own family…MAYBE. She seems pretty set in her ways.

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