Gabrielle Union Gives Advice to Other Stepmoms

In a recent interview with US Weekly, Gabrielle says it’s important for stepmothers to decide on a parenting style and stick to it:

“I recognize that I am lucky. Not everyone has the same situation.

“My advice is just to be fair, reasonable and consistent. If you’re going to be a pushover, be a pushover. If you’re going to be a disciplinarian, be a disciplinarian. But be consistent so that [the kids] can get used to whoever it is that you are.”

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  1. “My advice is just to be fair, reasonable and consistent…” So how is it fair for her to ignore the youngest son when he had nothing to do with his dad being a thot and getting some random pregnant despite being with Gabby? What’s reasonable about refusing to acknowledge that baby’s existence, for something he had no control over? But she has been a consistent b-tch about that side baby. I’ll give her a-s that.

  2. She can’t give any advice until she finally comes to terms with that baby. It’s weird and sick to see her keep talking and walking around here not even acknowledging a child. A child. Sure, she’s still hurt about it, but it’s evil for her to keep pretending he doesn’t even exist. What will she do when he gets old enough to understand the situation? Ban him from the house? Exclude him from family functions?

    1. Agree. .but where does the blame lie for Dwayne thot a-s..he’s allowing her to do that..No real man/woman would allow another to keep them from their child. Have no respect for neither. Jus sad. She is on the same list with Steve Harvey, Tyrese and Rev.Run…keep that bul-hit advice to yourself. Such hypocrites. .

  3. And the crazy thing is she’s serious. Gabby is a mess. I love Being Mary Jane though. LOL.

  4. Meh. Gabby has really perfected her understanding and supportive wife act. But the truth always shows when she continuously refuses to acknowledge his youngest son. You can’t be step mom of the year if you can’t accept all his kids.

  5. I wish she would just stop talking about her family life because no one forgot how messed up it really is. D Wade’s first wife hates her guts and claims she’s a home wrecker, she dealt with all that just for D Wade to just turn around and knock some side chick up when she’s struggling to get pregnant, and the only peace she has in life is pretending the baby doesn’t exist and taking cute pictures with D Wade for the gram so they can look like everything is perfect.

  6. Who is her publicist? The more she talks about her life as a wonderful stepmom and then only claims 3 of his children, the worse she looks. It’s doing more harm than good. Perhaps she should find something else to talk about.

  7. Well if D Wade isn’t man enuff to acknowledge the baby then why would she be woman enuff to acknowledge the child then???? Smh and like evry1 else said she just needs to stfu….she is so pretension and phony….all these yrs I thought it was just her acting but no….them parts she always plays is really her

    1. But he DOES acknowledge the child. He spends a lot of time with that baby and even the baby mama said he’s a really good dad to him. He even did a whole press conference about the child. The problem is Gabby refuses to be anywhere near the child like the child is the one who cheated and got someone pregnant. She won’t even allow the child to be part of their family photo shoots. The only reason D Wade proposed to her in the first place is to make up for the baby and she only went forward with the marriage as long as he doesn’t bring the child around her. Yet, Gabby will keep saying in interviews they worked through it. You can’t claim to work through a problem if you ignore it.

      1. This is the sad difference between Men and Women…a real woman won’t let you deny her child, you have to accept her child if you wanna be wit her…….Men a whole other story. How does he continue to be with someone like Gabby?…she taking her animosity out on the kid. She forgets that kid is a part of D Wade and if she really loves D Wade and forgave him and wants to build a life then she needs to accept EVERYTHING…instead of her tryna give some advice they need to be in therapy

  8. I think Gabby thinks the more she ignores that baby, just maybe he will disappear. Out of sight, out of mind can only work for so long. When he gets older, he’s going to want to be a part of his dad and siblings lives a lot more and she won’t be able to ignore him any longer.

  9. Girl bye how are you giving step mom advice when you won’t even acknowledge all your step children.

  10. GTOH!! Why do married woman like giving relationship advice when their relationship is fawked up and their man did them dirty?? He had a baby on you girl stfu

  11. Really!! She has the nerve to give step mom advice! What a joke. Until she accepts her husbands “break up” baby she needs to STFU. I don’t support anything that has to do with this broad. A child is innocent and her man is guilty but she’s making that poor child suffer! I’m sure she’d feel different if that break up baby was hers! #GROWUP!!!

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