Watch: Cardi B Drags Peter Gunz + Embarrasses Amina Buddafly & Tara Wallace

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Peter Gunz probably had no idea that he would get embarrassed at the reunion for season six of “Love and Hip Hop New York.”

Although Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace haven’t been able to properly check Peter for his messiness over the years, Cardi B stepped up to the plate with no problem.

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  1. He should have been dragged a long time ago. The nerve of him trying to sit up on that stage and talk down to Cardi when he’s currently impregnating women back to back.

  2. It’s hilarious how men like Peter think it’s hoeing to want a man to cough up some coins but they don’t think it’s hoeing to have multiple kids with multiple women.

  3. He tells her she doesn’t know him and has no right to speak on his situation, but he can speak on her situation?

  4. Peter’s broke a-s ain’t paying for sh-t. If he was their dumb a-sses would be on no got damn Love and hip hop looking like birds. And Amina’s slow a-s couldn’t even keep up with the lie for one second. “He pays his part”. Lmfao the f-ck.

    1. Been a stan and follows her on ig. That girl is not afraid to talk about how she wishes she could go back and fix her life. She always advises young girls not to take her path she choose…she just worked with the hand she was dealt. I really enjoy her!

  5. Oh hell Yeah and I sure hope Amina and Tara are paying attention…not, what am I thinking!

  6. The audacity of Peter to call Cardi a ho when he has 10+ children with multiple baby mothers. Everything she said about him was the truth and you can tell it had him shook. Only thing she didn’t say was that Tara and Amina are just as much to blame for this situation because neither one of them have an ounce of self esteem.

  7. Hey man, he should’ve never opened his mouth if he didn’t want to open his own front door to let her in. This one clip makes me view her differently. I doubt I’d watch the show but I’ll take a few hints from some of y’all on here and check her IG page out.

  8. Don’t be fooled by the accent and her silly personality, Cardi B is a street wise girl and will drop some knowledge on you. I really like her.

  9. This was savage but it needed to be said. I’m just disappointed she ended up apologizing to him on IG.

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