Kenya Moore Accuses Phaedra Parks of Self Hatred

In Kenya’s latest Bravo blog, she accuses Phaedra Parks of self-hatred and calls her out for making negative comments about her skin tone.

Kenya writes:

I wiped the slate clean with Phaedra hoping to move on. Unfortunately, her heart is heavy with so much hatred and jealousy of me that she can’t move on. She insulted my looks and my skin on nearly every episode the entire season. When she insults the dark hue of my complexion, she is showing her self-hatred and ignorance. All black is beautiful. I’m proud to be dark skinned. Too bad she can’t separate her color complex and celebrate the natural differences among the entire black diaspora.

And why does she continue to try and insult me by stating I don’t have kids and a husband when her own felonious husband is in prison leaving her children fatherless? #JesusFixHer

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  1. Oh please! Who’s been shadier in their confessionals than Oatmeal? And Phaedra didn’t down her skin tone at all, she downed her horrible skin which looks like gravel. But leave it to old victim Kenya to deflect all her negative press and make it all about somebody else. Phaedra apologized to her but of course that means nothing…right Oatmeal? Ugh, she’s such a loser!

  2. The funny thing is y’all would be dragging Phaedra for that dig at dark skin if she wasn’t saying it to Kenya. Very interesting.

  3. I’ve never seen someone play the victim so much like Kenya. It just really blows my mind how she can act like a victim when her and Phaedra stay taking digs at each other. So I guess her threatening to beat up a pregnant woman was nothing or that HIV joke was appropriate. Or even the fact that she just called Phaedra’s children fatherless when in fact she is a motherless child at least Apollo acknowledges his children but leave it to Kenya and her Stans her hands always clean smh.

  4. …..says the woman who wanted a mixed child with green eyes. Kenya needs to stop cause Phaedra was shading how fckd up Kenya’s skin is. Kenya’s skin is so fcksd up that she felt attacked and insulted when Kim Fields told all of them to come to her house w/o the pounds of make up on…..

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