K Michelle Checks Angela Yee

Maino and Uncle Murda’s interview caused a bit of controversy because some nasty accusations were made about K’s lady parts, but K Michelle is upset with Angela Yee because she feels she’s the one who kept bringing up the topic.

K says:

“What I am gonna say, Angela is, even with you, you’re a woman. I think I’ve been very cool and very supportive of you that if you…the interview was over and the credits were running. You brought that back up. And the thing about that is I know you want ratings but you are a woman. And no woman wants a body or anything else like that on them.

“So, they wasn’t even talking about that. You brought that back up. You already interviewed him…

“It didn’t get brought back up. I seen it. You brought that back up and then you were being all instigating. When he said that he’ll sleep with me, you was like, ‘Eww you nasty!'”



Although Angela tried to deny instigating and bringing the topic back up, K had more to say:

“The thing that I’m saying is you knew. You’re close with Atlantic. You knew my album came out the next day. You didn’t know what legs that bullsh*t was gonna take. You hear what I’m saying? But thank God people know me and people was actually looking at those n*ggas like oh them some corn balls. So that’s cool. But you as a woman, and you being someone who is so close with my label, every album release I have bullsh*t. Every one. I never get to enjoy it. So thank God I got to enjoy this album release because it didn’t do nothing. And it didn’t affect anything. People still went to the stores…still in my DM.

“But you being a woman, you see me out here…you brought that back up. You had already addressed that. There was no need for you to open up your mouth and then you sitting over the giggling and ki-ki’ing.

“You brought it up. You sat there and chuckled. You did that. And you don’t know what that might have done to me if wasn’t a b*tch who was dranking her drink, cashing her checks, got n*ggas out the a*s…it might would have f*cked up my whole motherf*cking day.  My thing with you is the fact that you are friends and family of the label. You have to do a job. But maybe before you open up your mouth, when you do your job you should look at the time. You was at my listening party. You knew my album was coming out. You know how the media attacks me. So you know any negative headline that they can put up about me to overshadow my music is what they do…well what you did was f*cked up. Next topic.”


When Angela tried to explain she feels K is strong enough to handle negative press, K finished her:

“There’s a time and a place. And as a woman, it’s a time and a place. You ain’t gon be Oprah like that. You gon be somebody else. Ricki Lake come and gone. There’s a time and a place.”


You can check out both interviews below. K checks Anglea at the 6:42 mark and Angela tries to call K out around the 22:00 mark:

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  1. K was wrong. She overshadowed her album. No one else did! Angela did her job and Angela didn’t say K. Michelle smells. You’re more mad at Yee than the guys who said it! That’s a** backwards

  2. Well at least she said it to Angela’s face and didn’t try to shade her on Twitter or Instagram. And let’s be real, Angela is very messy. She wouldn’t have her job if she wasn’t.

    1. But in K’s own words, there’s a time and a place for everything. This wasn’t the time or place. K said she didn’t want to give Maino and that other dude shine but she did just that bringing it up and checking Angela. She should have pulled Angela to the side and checked her in private like a G.

  3. Umm, no. K overshadows her own music because she’s always beefing with somebody. You can’t blame the media when you’re a willing participant in the drama. I would love if she and Azealia Banks could just understand that. Nothing but wasted talent.

  4. You can tell she got under Angela’s skin with that Oprah dig. But she’s right. Oprah perfected how to get good interviews without being too messy. TBC are way too childish and they will always be limited to the audience they have now. Even Wendy had to tone it down some when she got on TV. You can’t be talking about whose cooch smells on TV.

  5. That ether. And she did it without calling Angela out her name. I can’t act like I don’t see both sides. K has a point because Angela is known for stirring the pot along with Charla BUT K can’t act like her music gets overshadowed because of the media. That’s just not true. She’s messy, they write about it and her music becomes just a footnote of her image. She should work on that and give the media less drama to report on.

  6. The overshadowing part, I don’t know much about to make a comment but I agree that she checked Angela because let’s be clear, Angela put her hand in the cookie jar on live air and the world heard it. She checked her live on the air because Shaded her live on the air. As a woman, you would never want anything like that said about you. If she was a weak person, this could have wrecked her mentally and sent her into a downward spiral to much self hurt. Words are powerful and it hurts more than the physical. Sometimes you just can’t get past what someone says about you or to you especially if it’s not the truth. I think as a woman with the Manio said that, Angela could have redirected the conversation elsewhere and not poke the bear.

  7. This is the one time I don’t fault K at all. Angela is irritating and she knows K told the truth. Pay attention to Angela in these interviews. She’s usually the main one who brings up BS. Envy is just there most of the time and Charlemagne is comedic relief. Angela does the dirty work.

  8. K has every right to go off on Angela because this accusation was already addressed in a previous Breakfast Club interview. So, why when the interview was ending did Angela feel the need to bring up K’s name pertaining to the same topic? Only reason was so they can get a few laughs and use K’s name to market the interview. So yes, Angela needed to be called out.

  9. F-ck Angela Yee. I ain’t no K Michelle stan but that bird has some nerve instigating this bullsh-t when her rep in the business is more f-cked up than K’s is. She thinks being on the Breakfast Club deletes her hoeness? FOH.

  10. Angela Yee ain’t innocent. She deserved the dragging she got. K only said what a lot of people have been wanting to say to Angela.

  11. I thought it was funny a$$ hell as much as Angela deserved the draggin I feel like Char and Envy should’ve gotten it too…cuz they were laughing and keekee and hawing asking questions about it hey actually bought it up in the 1st place they have dtrs and hey are married….Angela could still did her job and threw in the fact that “if u never slept wit the girl, he. U urself can’t say this or that about her” she should’ve really owned up to her messiness cuz after its all said and done she just likes her a weak, lying messy a$$ heffa

  12. So did K not overshadow her music with this nonsense? Hell this is trending on FB. And I watched the whole interview and she was too busy telling her business and forgot to talk about the album. She’s her own worst enemy.

  13. Her conflict management skills suck. Smh thats a gossip show they’re supposed to stir pots. In fact they stir all pots not just the pots with k. Michelle’s name. She is too much of a victim for me….the theme is apparent in every rant, her show and even music. Do i fault her for addressing it? No, but set the record straight and then dead the issue bc now she’s given free publicity to a knucklehead. Also, the show is not worldwide so seriously its really a none issue outside of her small circle of fans.

  14. That awkward moment after you’ve been told off, and your now being ignored, and have to sit in complete silence and watch your colleagues carry the remainder of the interview. Poor Angela Lmao!!

  15. K didn’t even start this sh*t so I don’t see how she overshadowed her music here. She checked Angela’s a$$ accordingly and I co-sign the read! F*ck that pulling her to the side foolishness. She talked reckless on the radio for the millions to hear so check that a$$ publicly for the millions to hear.

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