50 Cent Causes Controversy with Comment on Natural Hair and India Arie

According to All Hip Hop, 50 got into with a young woman on Instagram and got so fed up he decided to make fun of her looks.

But he wasn’t able to do so without putting down natural hair and India Arie.

All Hip Hop writes:

50 Cent always does the most on social media. Although fans wait around and watch for celebrity social media clap back moments, many celebrities still take it too far. A few women decided to remind 50 that there were other ways to contact his oldest son other than social media. 50 went off saying,

“B*tch you should be focused on your hair and your 4×4 head. You nappy head Indie Irie looking b*tch.”

Needless to say 50’s comments were pretty offensive. 50’s comment basically suggested that India Arie and her natural hair aren’t beautiful.

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  1. He needs help. Thank goodness he doesn’t have a daughter!! The word “nappy” makes me cringe… so ignorant.

  2. He is so ignorant. Like I just wish he would go away and be killed off Power. He’s a terrible actor too. All he’s doing is playing his sh-tty self.

  3. He’s such a buffoon. Even with all his money problems he just doesn’t care to be a decent human being.

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