Watch: Todd Tucker and Phaedra Parks Clash at the Reunion

In a preview for the third installment of the reunion for season eight, Phaedra Parks attempts to confront Todd Tucker over the drama surrounding the video project he didn’t complete for her.

Throughout the season, Todd was upset with Phaedra because she owed him money for his work.

But what Phaedra doesn’t understand is why Todd didn’t bring up the situation to Apollo before he got locked up.

Kandi tries to intervene, but Todd tells her to sit this one out and he doesn’t hold back on Phaedra.

Check out the preview below:

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  1. I swear, I cannot stand Todd’s b-tch a-s this season. The Feds watch the shows dumba-s, Phaedra didn’t need to say sh-t because you and Kandi announced it to the world that you were holding Apollo’s sh-t for him. But imma wait till you start sleeping around on Kandi’s dumb-ss and that lil joke of a marriage falls apart. I didn’t believe Mama Joyce evil a-s at first but she peeped game. Karma is gonna catch up with the two of y’all, mark my words!

    1. And I’m glad Phaedra finally sees who Kandi and Todd really are since they had no problems hiding Apollo’s things at their house without telling her.

  2. They were wrong to hide Apollo’s things without telling Phaedra. It’s weird to see them so mad at Phaedra when their hands aren’t clean either.

    1. I agree. Like they would have a lot more of my support if they weren’t so shady themselves. Phaedra was wrong for not paying him though.

    1. Why do y’all call Porsha poor when she has more money than y’all? Do you also have a job with Dish Nation, two reality show checks coming in and multiple businesses? LOL.

  3. Todd is so full of sh-t. If he was really concerned about his money like he said he would have brought it up to Apollo point blank period. Call me crazy but I ain’t breaking bread with nobody and storing their stuff when their spouse owe me money. How he trying to exclude Apollo from owing money too but in the same breath trying to vilify Phaedra for Apollo’s actions in the same breath. Karma is coming for Todd and Kandi just wait on it.

  4. Sounds to me like Todd did a milestone project for Phaedra and those go exactly as she described it, with payments done with each portion completed. Being that the project wasn’t finished that’s why he ain’t get paid for the incomplete work but she probably paid it becuz he was b-tchin about it and it makes her look bad. Kandi ain’t no kinda friend cuz I would definitely feel some type of way if my so-called bestie had my ex-husband’s sh*t up in her garage. I’d hate to think momma Joyce was right after all.

  5. You know, I neither of their fans but Kandi got with Todd and changed. She has not been a friend to Phaedra. Apollo was hiding stuff at their house and Cynthia’s house as well. They were filming about it saying that he was hiding it and hell even Apollo was over there talking about it. As a friend to Phaedra Kandi should have told Todd that because I am friends with Phaedra and I know she would not agree with this; I think we had better stay out of this. Todd knew Apollo through Kandi. If Todd persisted, then Kandi should have told Todd I am going to have to disclose this information to my friend because I would not want her to think I am trying to hide stuff from her. This is what a real friend would have done. As far as the payments are concerned; it does sound like it was a milestone agreement when you get paid the last check when everything is completed and agreed upon. When Todd met with Phaedra from his mouth he still had more work to do because he said “all that is needed is…”. If he had a problem with the payment and because it was a business deal, Todd should have discussed it with the person he did business with only “Phaedra” and not Peter or Cynthia or anyone who would listen to him. He was wrong and Kandi is wrong. Kandi has changed since she has been with Todd. Remember the episode when Todd called her staff lazy and Don Juan went off on Todd and Kandi saying that she let him come in telling her how to run her business. Now Don Juan is all up in Todd’s a– as if he done served him some diamond doo doo juice or something. Kandi be a real friend and Todd be a better man.

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