K Michelle Says People Won’t Let Her Move Past Former LHHATL Image

When it comes to returning to LHHATL after leaving after season three, K claims she returned because the money was right and she was promised she would only have to film with Joseline Hernandez.

She says:

“Yeah, I won’t be filming like that. It’s kind of like an extension of my show within that show.”


She also wishes people would move on from her previous actions on LHHATL:

“I feel like me being opinionated can be taken as ghetto and ratchet…hostile…she’s an angry black woman. I’ve always been opinionated but I feel like being on that show, being opinionated and throwing a drink are different things. So I was on that show and it was the lowest point of my life. And now people don’t want me to live that down. I just keep on fighting and I just keep on improving. I can’t please everybody.”


Other tidbits:

-Despite recent reports, K Michelle claims she is a single woman and she’s not seriously dating anyone.

-She opens up about getting surgery and still regrets getting work done on her butt.

-She’s opening up a restaurant in Atlanta.


Check out the video below:

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  1. I think it’s easier to make people focus on your talent when you learn how to use social media only to promote it. If K ever learns how to stop responding to everything, things will really take off for her. People love her music. She just needs to work on her image so she can afford to walk away from Mona.

  2. People can’t forget about her LHHATL crap because she still does the same things even when she’s not on the show! This is why some celebrities let their team run their social media accounts or they just don’t interview with certain people! She needs to become more business savvy.

  3. Her music is really good so it’s unfortunate to her distract people from it by all her beefs and all the drama she partakes in on these reality shows. Reality shows may get someone’s name out there but rarely can people separate the reality star from the reality show.

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