Monica and Shannon Brown’s Marriage in Trouble?

While Monica and Shannon Brown haven’t addressed the reports on social media, The Shade Room claims Shannon recently unfollowed Monica on Instagram.

And if that’s not enough, Monica has reportedly been seen in public without her wedding ring.

In fact, she didn’t have her wedding ring on during a recent performance either.

Check out The Shade Room’s post on the situation below:

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  1. If he is cheating she ain’t gonna leave him. Let Monica tell it this is the healthiest relationship she’s ever been in. She ain’t trying to let that go.

  2. I don’t understand why athletes just won’t get over themselves and be faithful. They can’t even have side chicks now without them running to the blogs. So why even risk it anymore?

    1. Exactly! I also find it weird how we are privy to when one celebrity “unfollows” another. Those gossip pages on Instagram give me FBI tease no shade, they don’t miss a thing!!

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