Moniece Slaughter Ponders Quitting LHHH?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter has been pretty vocal about the disadvantages that come with being on the hit reality show, but now she’s actually considering walking away.

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  1. I’m sensing a theme here. It seems like most of the people on Mona’s shows hate it. But they are stuck because it’s the only income they have.

    1. That’s the reality for most reality stars. They floss on Instagram but they usually don’t make much money if the show is on VH1. Bravo pays much better though.

  2. When you acting skills aren’t up to par, and your role doesn’t go the direction you want it to, you can’t be mad at the script or the director. You knew what you signed up for.

  3. Everybody think they are going to come off big like K or Joselyn and when they dont they complain. Her best bet is to shut up and be cash what little check she getting cuz if she had anything else going for her she wouldnt of needed the show anyway

  4. What does Moniece have to fall back on? She may complain but I don’t think she will really quit.

  5. All you people sound absolutely ridiculous above. I hope that you don’t end up in such a predicament like that in your life. Moniece is a very talented individual and it would’ve been nice for vh1 to actually showcase her talent instead of putting her in situations where she has to hang around people she does not like. They should pay properly, she has a human being that depends on her and as an individual isn’t necessarily the type to easily create her own opportunities. I just hope that God guides her throughout her next steps. She will definitely be missed don’t lie. Keeping positivity because I don’t find amusement in anyone’s struggles.

    1. You sound even more ridiculous. Not one person on here is laughing at Monice’s struggles. People are just saying she’s boring and she is. No need to be in your feelings about that unless you’re Moniece herself.

  6. Great! Now maybe she can focus on being a better mother. Reality shows ain’t for everybody.

  7. She seemed over it at the reunion. Anyway, I think Mona should recast this show. No one really stands out and it’s been very boring.

  8. The same people who complain about lhh not showing and hip hop or music are the same ones that will call someone boring when they are not fighting or being messy. What do you want to see in this show? Fighting and messiness or proper talent and music?

    1. Not true. Moniece has fought on the show a few times and she’s still boring. Princess too. They just don’t have the star factor. I don’t know why saying that makes some of y’all so mad.

  9. Moniece has stans? Anyway, I feel like she’s done this before just to do another season anyway. She’s probably just venting and will return.

  10. There’s always one person who overanalyzes the comments on here and turns everything into a pity party. Never fails. Anyway, Moniece isn’t someone I watch LHHH for. If she feels leaving is best, she should do that. Regardless, it won’t matter to me if she’s on the show or not. That’s how I feel about most of the cast. The ATL cast is the only one worth watching to be honest. I can tolerate NY but they are dry too.

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