Angie Martinez Opens up About Physical Altercation with Wendy Williams

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams is without a doubt one of the most polarizing figures when it comes daytime talk shows, but many can agree she was a lot harsher during her radio days.

So it’s no shocker that she actually got into a physical altercation with Angie Martinez when they worked at the same radio station.

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  1. So with all that mouth Wendy’s big a-s has, she ain’t got no hands? Lmao I’m not surprised. She’s lucky she didn’t get her a-s whooped daily with all the sh-t she talks.

  2. LOL that does sound funny and I am not surprised. Those with the most mouth always got shyt to say and CAN’T back it up. But yeah I remember WW said Puffy was gay the dude that use to hold the un tell for Diddy was his boo….he wanted to beat her a$$ and get her fired. Ludacris, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes….that’s all I can remember about the suppose gay rappers…then she said that Halle and Beyonce can’t screw in bed cause they are too beautiful so they just probably lay there….LMao She spoke a lot of shyt but it was entertaining

  3. Wendy reports what people want to hear and people keep tuning in. I dont think it makes her evil. She just giving the people what they want it else she wouldn’t have landes this long. If ahe faught everyone she talked about she would be in the hospital by now

    1. Yeah I disagree. Being nasty and picking on people for a living is evil. The only people she’s giving what they want to is people who are just as nasty, bitter and hateful as she is. She will never be Oprah because she doesn’t deserve to be. There’s a reason Oprah is a billionaire and Wendy will never be! And outside of her talk show, Wendy is miserable! And that’s because she spends most of her day picking on people.

  4. Wendy was wreckless during her heyday on the radio, especially on Hot 97. I remember she said Tupac got raped while he was in jail back in ’95. I also remember her on the radio talking about how Total from bad boy waited for her outside the radio station to jump her. She said the whole radio knew what was about to go down and no one warned her lmfao.

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